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WikiProject India (Rated Template-class)
WikiProject icon This template is within the scope of WikiProject India, which aims to improve Wikipedia's coverage of India-related topics. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page.
 Template  This template does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

Education and railways parameters

This template currently does not populate assessment categories for WikiProjects Education in India and Indian railways even if "education=yes" or "railyways=yes" are specified. Is this an accidental oversight or an intentional omission? I was prepared to edit the template but want to make sure that I would not be going against a project-level decision or consensus. Thank you, -- Black Falcon (talk) 05:46, 13 January 2012 (UTC)

Please see discussion in July above. It looks like the necessary categories have not been created, after which the template could be changed. VasuVR (talk, contribs) 06:25, 13 January 2012 (UTC)
I had seen that discussion but wasn't sure if anything came of it in the intervening months. It appears that almost all of the requisite quality assessment categories exist, and it is the importance and quality-and-importance assessment categories that are missing. I will create them tomorrow (it's quite late where I am) and change the template as needed. Thank you for your clarifictation, -- Black Falcon (talk) 09:21, 13 January 2012 (UTC)
I have created the needed categories (see Category:WikiProject Indian railways articles and Category:WikiProject Education in India articles) and made the necessary change (diff) to the assessment template. -- Black Falcon (talk) 01:34, 14 January 2012 (UTC)

I just realized that WikiProject India also utilizes quality-and-importance intersection categories, so I will create those categories also, pending clarification in the section below. -- Black Falcon (talk) 08:43, 19 January 2012 (UTC)


There exists significant duplication within WikiProject India's category structure stemming from the fact that both 'Unassessed' and 'Unassessed-Class' categories are populated by this template—see e.g. Category:Unassessed India articles and Category:Unassessed-Class India articles.

I propose standardizing these categories to one usage, Unassessed {topic} articles, in order to:

  1. Establish consistency with nearly all other WikiProjects (see here);
  2. Ensure compatibility with various WikiProject-related templates, such as {{Articles by Quality and Importance}};
  3. Eliminate tens of duplicate and empty assessment categories; and
  4. Simplify Template:WikiProject India by removing approximately 1,600 characters which are currently being used to append the '-Class' prefix to unassessed articles.

Please note that this change would not impact any other '-Class' categories, such as Category:Stub-Class India articles or Category:Start-Class West Bengal articles.

If there are no objections, I can modify this template, prompt User:Cydebot (a category creation bot) to perform all category name changes, and then manually carry out any necessary reorganization and updating of links. Thank you, -- Black Falcon (talk) 08:42, 19 January 2012 (UTC)

Good catch. The India level unassessed articles are tagged under Category:Unassessed India articles. The Category:Unassessed India articles contains only sub-categories. There seems to be no duplication of sub-categories - they either go in one or the other. Probably earlier editors had two different views and this has propagated as per individual preferences and no one yet has taken effort to put it under one. Your attempt would be the first in this case, I think. VasuVR (talk, contribs) 09:06, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
Thanks. :) You're right, of course... the duplication is not in the form of articles appearing in both categories (as you say, they either go in one or the other) but rather of two unassessed categories existing for each subproject: Category:Unassessed Hyderabad articles and Category:Unassessed-Class Hyderabad articles; Category:Unassessed West Bengal articles and Category:Unassessed-Class West Bengal articles; and so on. The 'Unassessed' categories tend to directly contain talk pages and the 'Unassessed-Class' categories tend to contain quality-and-importance subcategories, but I think they can be combined in the manner of, say, Category:GA-Class Indian history articles. -- Black Falcon (talk) 09:41, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
My suggested modification of the template is now ready at Template:WikiProject India/sandbox. -- Black Falcon (talk) 20:08, 19 January 2012 (UTC)
As there appear to be no objections, I will proceed with this change in next day or so. -- Black Falcon (talk) 00:08, 31 January 2012 (UTC)

Empty 'field' categories

Are the following categories and their subcategories, all of which are empty, still needed?

They were created after this series of changes to the project banner enabled categorization of India articles by the field parameter, and were emptied in October 2009 when this template was standardized with Template:WPBannerMeta. Affected articles continue to be categorized within Category:India articles using field parameter. -- Black Falcon (talk) 00:36, 31 January 2012 (UTC)

Personally I'd like to see all of those in use (apart from the ones that have been superceded) - and as I've suggested elsewhere, you could throw in media, business, bio and culture as well. The less we have to use orphan the better. There's still 408 articles in Category:India articles using field parameter - for instance Talk:Indian bread uses |field=food.
Incidentally, I notice that the documentation includes language when it doesn't seem to be in the template, conversely it doesn't mention roads which does work. Also I can't see any code for group-portal(1-5), group-portal-list(1-5), group-portal-picture(1-5) as per the documentation unless they are transcluded from somewhere. PS Could the text for the auto parameter not have a reference to stubs - there's a bot about to start work on WPI articles that does more than just look at stub templates. FlagSteward (talk) 14:23, 28 March 2012 (UTC)

Please amend the template

Would any administrator please include a new task force "women and gender issues". The new task force page is here. AshLin (talk) 17:21, 6 February 2012 (UTC)

Relevant code to be added:

|tf 7=
|TF_7_LINK          = Wikipedia:WikiProject_India/Women_and_gender_issues
|TF_7_NESTED        = Women

AshLin (talk) 18:00, 6 February 2012 (UTC)

Or perhaps, this is it :

|tf 7=
|TF_7_TEXT          = This template is supported by the {{{Women and gender issues}}} workgroup.
|TF_7_MAIN_CAT      = India articles using field parameter
|TF_7_LINK          = Wikipedia:WikiProject India/Women and gender issues
|TF_7_NAME          = the Indian women and gender issues workgroup
|TF_7_IMAGE         = Rani_of_jhansi.jpg
|TF_7_QUALITY       = yes
|tf 7 importance=
|TF_7_ASSESSMENT_CAT=India {{{women}}} articles
|TF_7_HOOK = {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/qualimpintersect
 |ASSESSMENT_CAT    = Indian women and gender issues articles
 |BANNER_NAME       = Template:WikiProject India

AshLin (talk) 18:24, 6 February 2012 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done I am not able to make the assessment table show up yet. Ganeshk (talk) 00:56, 11 February 2012 (UTC)
Thanks :). We have a beginning! AshLin (talk) 02:14, 11 February 2012 (UTC)
The table is working now. Ganeshk (talk) 20:02, 19 February 2012 (UTC)

in parameter

When the in parameter was in the template but did not have a value, i.e. blank, it was placing articles in the wrong category. I have made changes in the sandbox that I think fixes the problem. --Traveler100 (talk) 16:23, 24 March 2012 (UTC) Also started to add state specific photo request categories.--Traveler100 (talk) 17:45, 24 March 2012 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done I removed some line breaks as well - I wasn't sure if they might break something but I wanted to be on the safe side. Tra (Talk) 00:53, 25 March 2012 (UTC)
It'd be quite nice if image-requested worked as it is described in the documentation - assigning in= automatically based on the presence of any state taskforce tags.FlagSteward (talk) 15:30, 28 March 2012 (UTC)
The syntax is there, just a matter of typing in all the possible parameters. I will get round to it at some point, if no one else does it first. --Traveler100 (talk) 17:22, 28 March 2012 (UTC)
Done a few more, please copy sandbox to template. --Traveler100 (talk) 08:53, 14 April 2012 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done I have copied the sandbox over to the template. Ganeshk (talk) 10:48, 14 April 2012 (UTC)
Done a few more, please copy sandbox to template.--Traveler100 (talk) 10:03, 21 April 2012 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done Ganeshk (talk) 13:36, 21 April 2012 (UTC)
Changed Chandigarh to Punjab (India) as only two articles with the tab. No need for such deep categories. --Traveler100 (talk) 09:31, 30 June 2012 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done Ganeshk (talk) 12:59, 30 June 2012 (UTC)

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────File:India Television icon.svg can be used for the India Television sub project instead of the tricolour svg. --DBigXray 21:41, 18 July 2012 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done --Hadal (talk) 20:50, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

More changes December 2012

Added placement in sub-categories for chennai, mumbai, hyderabad and mangalore. Please copy text from sandbox --Traveler100 (talk) 09:30, 16 December 2012 (UTC)

I've looked at the proposed changes, and I'm afraid that they may break existing behaviour. Consider the addition of this code:
 |TF_1_HOOK           = {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/cats
 |cat 1={{{needs-image|{{{image-needed|}}}}}}
  |CAT_1      = Wikipedia requested photographs in Chennai
However, immediately above that is the existing code:
 |TF_1_HOOK = {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/qualimpintersect
  |ASSESSMENT_CAT    = Chennai articles
  |BANNER_NAME       = Template:WikiProject India
  |SUPPRESS_NA = yes
The parameter |TF_1_HOOK= has been used twice, and so the second will override the first; as a result, categories like Category:Stub-Class Chennai articles of Low-importance (and those for all the other perutations of class/importance) will be depopulated. If you place the {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/cats}} directly after the existing {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/qualimpintersect}}, as in
 |TF_1_HOOK = {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/qualimpintersect
  |SUPPRESS_NA = yes
 |cat 1={{{needs-image|{{{image-needed|}}}}}}
  |CAT_1      = Wikipedia requested photographs in Chennai
it should work as intended. The same applies for the other three new instances of {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/cats}}. --Redrose64 (talk) 16:52, 16 December 2012 (UTC)
thanks for the advice. Template syntax is not the easiest language to learn. Would this however mean that non of the assessments would be working in the current template? Have updated all in the sandbox.--Traveler100 (talk) 18:58, 16 December 2012 (UTC)
I didn't check the portions which you hadn't intended to alter - I only looked at the Hyderabad problem (below), plus the four new chunks of code for image categories. I didn't look at anything else; but since you mention it, it's quite true: for example, as I type this, Category:Stub-Class Andhra Pradesh articles has 4,350 members, and Category:Low-importance Andhra Pradesh articles has 4,793 members, so you would expect that a fair proportion are in both. This is what we find: for example, Talk:Adivishnu is in both of those categories; but it should also be in Category:Stub-Class Andhra Pradesh articles of Low-importance, yet that is completely empty (as are almost all the other sub-cats of Category:Andhra Pradesh articles by quality and importance).
So yes, the same technique as I described above will be necessary for all the other taskforces where |TF_n_HOOK= was used twice. I see that you've amended the sandbox along those lines, so I think we're good to go now, so Done. Don't expect that the categories will populate straight away though, the job queue is well over 1,000,000 at present. --Redrose64 (talk) 19:36, 16 December 2012 (UTC)

Added some portals

I added some portals to the applicable projects and taskforces in this templates sandbox. Please implement. Kumioko (talk) 00:26, 12 October 2012 (UTC)

Question: I fixed some parameter names. I've not copied to the main template though, because I see that the Lakshadweep portal is showing as a redlink. Is that intentional? --Redrose64 (talk) 19:29, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
No I removed it and sorry about the others as well. I must have been tired or something and didn't catch it. Kumioko (talk) 19:35, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
Done --Redrose64 (talk) 20:05, 12 October 2012 (UTC)

problem in template

When the parameter hyderabad=yes is set it does not appear to be working.--Traveler100 (talk) 12:10, 16 December 2012 (UTC)

True, this was because the taskforce parameters for Hyderabad had been duplicated by those for Mangalore (both were appearing in slot 10 of the sixth {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/taskforces}}. I've moved the Mangalore ones down into the next vacant slot (seventh {{WPBannerMeta/hooks/taskforces}}, slot 2). I've not checked for any other duplication, although I suspect that I may need to do that. --Redrose64 (talk) 15:52, 16 December 2012 (UTC)

Replace Wikiproject Orissa -> Wikiproject Odisha

Any admin please replace Wikiproject Orissa to Wikiproject Odisha. --Srikant Kedia 19:46, 12 February 2013 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done Try using {{editprotected}} to get a speedy response next time. Ganeshk (talk) 12:31, 13 February 2013 (UTC)


Can someone add WikiProject Patna to this template? img- File:Biskoman Bhawan Patna.jpg


- SHIVAM SETU (U-T-C-E) 18:45, 7 August 2013 (UTC)

Hi again. Where would you like the portal to be added? Is there a Patna task force? (Because if there is, I must have missed it.) — Mr. Stradivarius ♪ talk ♪ 19:08, 7 August 2013 (UTC)
I'm marking this as answered following our discussion on my talk page. Let me know if you get stuck. — Mr. Stradivarius ♪ talk ♪ 14:59, 8 August 2013 (UTC)


I won't use "editprotected" because this might be too complicated to fix immediately. A few months ago, someone asked to change Wikiproject Orissa -> Wikiproject Odisha. While that was done, the template still uses "Orissa" in the syntax, and is putting pages into categories named "Orissa". Ardric47 (talk) 16:45, 17 November 2013 (UTC)

Goa map isn't up-to-date

Goa has 12 talukas since April 4th 2011 (see here). I've created a new map with all the 12 talukas. So, could you change the map in the template too, please? --Chumwa (talk) 21:07, 23 June 2014 (UTC)

Template-protected edit request on 15 July 2014

Add |telangana=yes, as shown on Wikipedia:WikiProject_Telangana#WikiProject_Telangana_notice, along with |telangana-importance=, as done for other states. I believe I have shown this here. (I wasn't sure of the state of the sandbox.) —PC-XT+ 05:39, 15 July 2014 (UTC)

Has this been discussed with WikiProject India? — Martin (MSGJ · talk) 10:57, 17 July 2014 (UTC)
User:MSGJ, thanks for asking! Yikes! I thought I had posted there, but apparently not! Also, I'm not sure if this is a problem, but Telangana appears after some task forces in the testcase, instead of with the other states. So, I closed the request, at least temporarily, while others consider it. Thanks again! —PC-XT+ 09:06, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
WT:Noticeboard for India-related topics#Telangana has support from one editor, and no opposition. I fixed the issue I mentioned above by moving WikiProject Telangana with the other states. (I had placed it after WikiProject Mangalore, not realizing they were divided that way.) I then updated the above diff and reopened this request. Thank you. —PC-XT+ 04:40, 23 July 2014 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Donecyberpower ChatOnline 07:54, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

I don't think this is really a problem requiring a whole edit request, but I neglected to place WikiProject Telangana in the proper alphabetical order with the other states. Someone may wish to make that change in a subsequent edit request, which is why I am mentioning it. If it is better to put in the request now, though, feel free to do so, or ask me to do it. Cheers! —PC-XT+ 06:14, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

Adding |reassess=y

See Wikipedia talk:Noticeboard for India-related topics#Wikipedia:WikiProject India/Assessment proposal and possible revival and will make the edit request below. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 14:22, 14 March 2015 (UTC)

|note 8=
|NOTE_8_TEXT = This article has been flagged for a reassessment of its current rating.
|NOTE_8_IMAGE = Blue question mark (italic).svg
|NOTE_8_CAT = India articles needing reassessment

I've tested it in the sandbox and looks to be working. This is my first time dabbling into templates like this so I hope it's right. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 15:14, 18 March 2015 (UTC)

@Ugog Nizdast: I see that you removed it from the sandbox. What was the problem with it? --Redrose64 (talk) 16:53, 18 March 2015 (UTC)
@Redrose64: Nothing was wrong with it, must have rollbacked myself accidentally. As far as I could make out, the template was working when "yes" was added to it. -Ugog Nizdast (talk) 13:37, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done but I've not created Category:India articles needing reassessment --Redrose64 (talk) 13:47, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
Have created it, and tested it out too; it now has two article members. Excellent. Thanks for your time, Ugog Nizdast (talk) 14:48, 20 March 2015 (UTC)