Temporary Pleasure

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Temporary Pleasure
Studio album by Simian Mobile Disco
Released 15 August 2009
Recorded Band's East London studio (2008–2009)
Genre Electronic, tech house
Length 41:44
Label Wichita Recordings
Producer James Ford
Simian Mobile Disco chronology
Temporary Pleasure
Singles from Temporary Pleasure
  1. "Audacity of Huge"
    Released: 3 August 2009
  2. "Cruel Intentions"
    Released: 4 January 2010
"Temporary Pleasure" (Limited Edition Box)
"Temporary Pleasure" (Promotional cover)
"Extra Temporary" (Digital release)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
BBC Favourable[2]
Clash 7/10 stars[3]
Drowned in Sound 7/10 stars[4]
The Guardian 3/5 stars[5]
The Independent 3/5 stars[6]
NME 4/10 stars[7]
Pitchfork Media 6.5/10.0[8]
PopMatters 6/10 stars[9]
The Times 4/5 stars[10]

Temporary Pleasure is the second album by Simian Mobile Disco. It was released in the United Kingdom on 17 August 2009. It was available in LP, CD and deluxe limited edition CD formats.


The album was recorded throughout 2008 and 2009 in the band's studio in East London by James Ford and Damon Albarn, the Blur frontman. Taking time during their world tour of DJing and performing live, they recorded with guests such as Beth Ditto (from Gossip) and Alexis Taylor (from Hot Chip). This was preceded by the release of a new single "Audacity of Huge" (featuring Chris Keating from Yeasayer) on 3 August 2009. Prior to its release, the band streamed a low quality version of the single on their official website from 22 May 2009.

Track listing[edit]

Standard edition

No. Title Length
1. "Cream Dream" (featuring Gruff Rhys) 3:58
2. "Audacity of Huge" (featuring Chris Keating) 3:48
3. "10000 Horses Can't Be Wrong"   4:11
4. "Cruel Intentions" (featuring Beth Ditto) 3:02
5. "Off the Map" (featuring Jamie Lidell) 4:02
6. "Synthesise"   4:53
7. "Bad Blood" (featuring Alexis Taylor) 3:58
8. "Turn Up the Dial" (featuring Young Fathers) 4:00
9. "Ambulance"   5:40
10. "Pinball" (featuring Telepathe) 3:56

Limited edition second disc

No. Title Length
1. "Flea in Your Ear"   7:23
2. "Are You in the Picture?"   6:27
3. "Babaghanoush"   8:19
4. "Do Not Exceed Stated Dose"   6:12

Extra Temporary/Extra Pleasure[edit]

Both of these titles refer to the same release of the four bonus tracks included in the limited edition of the Temporary Pleasure studio album. Yet the tracklisting differs slightly one the Beatport version, on which is featured a new studio recording of "Belvedere" as well as a remix of the first track.

No. Title Length
1. "Flea in Your Ear"   7:23
2. "Are You in the Picture?"   6:27
3. "Babaghanoush"   8:19
4. "Do Not Exceed Stated Dose"   6:12
5. "Belvedere" (exclusive to Beatport release) 5:28
6. "Flea in Your Ear" (Flange Bliss Remix; exclusive to Beatport release) 6:22


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