Mount Tendürek

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Tendurek Dagi NASA.jpg
Tendürek seen from space
Elevation 3,584 m (11,759 ft)
Location Ağrı and Van provinces, Turkey
Coordinates 39°22′N 43°52′E / 39.37°N 43.87°E / 39.37; 43.87
Type Shield volcano
Last eruption 1855

Tendürek (Turkish: Tendürek Dağı, Armenian: Թոնդրակ, Tondrak) is a shield volcano located in the Ağrı and Van provinces of eastern Turkey, close to the borders with Iran. The elongated volcano rises 1,800 m (5,906 ft) above the Doğubeyazıt plain, south of Mount Ararat. The last known eruption was a gas and ash eruption in 1855. The original, Armenian, name of the mountain was Tondrak; the area around Tondrak is known as the birthplace of the medieval Armenian Tondrakite Movement of the 950s, which based its ideology on the Paulician teaching.

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