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(Tenement 2)
T2 Poster.jpg
Theatrical movie poster
Directed by Chito Rono
Produced by Lea Calmerin
Tess V. Fuentes
Kriz Gazmen
Charo Santos-Concio
Malou N. Santos
Written by Chris Martinez
Chito Rono
Screenplay by
Starring Maricel Soriano
Mika dela Cruz
Derek Ramsay
Music by Carmina Cuya
Cinematography Eli Balce
Edited by Manet Dayrit
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release date(s) April 11, 2009
Running time 100 minutes
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog
Box office ₱ 95 Million[1]

T2 or (Tenement 2) is a 2009 Filipino horror-suspense film produced and distributed by Star Cinema. The film stars Diamond Star Maricel Soriano. The movie was directed by Chito Rono, director of the critically acclaimed film Sukob.[2][3]

T2 refers to Tenement 2, one of the buildings in FTI located in Taguig City where some of the scenes were shot. In the movie, Maricel Soriano plays a Save an Orphan Foundation volunteer who brings an orphan home only to discover that the girl comes from a family of Engkantos.


The movie begins with Claire (Maricel Soriano) with Elias (Eric Fructuoso) picking up a child as an assignment. Her mission is to give her to her adoptive family. After picking up the child Angeli (Mika dela Cruz); strange things occur. They then arrive at the Tenement 2 where Angeli's new parents are staying, where they find Tess (Camille Pratts), Melissa (K-Brosas) and Domeng (Mon Confiado). Angeli pleads Claire to not leave her no matter what happens, she writes a letter to Claire which is not be read until it is supposed to be read. Angeli and Claire fall asleep while Elias searches for them, he then gets toyed with by fairies and then killed. Claire wakes up finding Angeli gone, she searches for Angeli only to find Elias dead. She finds Angeli possessed; then is shaken awake by Claire's presence. Again Angeli pleads Claire not to leave her. They then fail to escape the building because the fairies cause a huge swarm of rats to attack them. Angeli and Claire are separated by the swarm of rats. Claire gets surrounded and attacked by rats but is fortunately saved by a lady, she saves Claire using a magic lamp, the lady then tells her to run quickly and make preparations before it is midnight; midnight which is three in the morning for Fairies. Angeli is found by the fairies while the lady explains to Claire the truth about Angeli and the fairies that she too had a child with a fairy, that a fairy raised in the human world will be forcibly taken from the human world once it turns nine years old, the lady then concludes that the child shouldn't be given to the fairies as in the fairy world it is believed that love nor emotion do not exist. They then go to the room where Angeli and Claire stayed, they then find Angeli's letters which is believed to be important. They encounter monsters who they fortunately escape. Angeli and the lady who mysteriously arrives in the fairy world, the lady finds her child but is rejected, the fairy then says that the child doesn't have a family and neither is the child human. One of the fairies; Isabel (Carmen Soo) then is found out to be the mother of Angeli, she then tells the real story of their life of Angeli and her father. All the while, Jeremy is searching for Claire in the building. Angeli's decision is being awaited. Before she decides, she is confronted by Claire who reads to Angeli the letters and memories of her human life with her human father who then is discovered to be blinded after the death of her fairy wife and the discovery that she is a fairy, Angeli then breaks down remembering her human father. The fairy then challenges Claire with either the life Angeli or Jeremy. Angeli then threatens her mother that if the fairies ever touch or hurt Claire's husband she will not be with them when she turns 18 and promises that she will join them once she turns 18. The lady then kills all the fairies using a potion, she then too disappears with them. They then wake up in real life being found by Jeremy. Angeli is then adopted by Claire and Jeremy and goes to her new school where she mysteriously too was chased by fairies then finding out that her teacher is her fairy mother. The movie then ends.



T2 earned US $430,776 on its opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.[4]

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