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Teneriffe lace is a needle lace from the island of Tenerife. Sometimes called Sol lace, sun lace, similar to a lace from South America called ñandutí (meaning spider web). In the 1930s - 1940s it was sometimes called Polka Spider Web Lace.

The lace is created by weaving thread on a ground of radial spoke threads, creating distinctive roundels. There are many different ways of making this type of lace. From using a pattern on a homemade pillow form with pins to "The palma" and Taoro (early 1900s), As of 2005 you can get forms from vendors on the internet, also from "the posy bender". Daisy winders and bloom looms have also been used in constructing this type of lace. Teneriffe lace was used in conjunction with Battenberg tape lace at the turn of the 1900s.

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