Tennessee State Route 214

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State Route 214 marker

State Route 214
Ken Tenn Highway
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Major junctions
West end: US 45W.svgTennessee 22.svg US 45W/TN 22 near Union City
  US 51.svgUS 45W.svgUS 45E.svgUS 45.svg US 51/US 45 at South Fulton
East end: Elongated circle 116.svg KY 116 at Kentucky State Line
Counties: Obion
Highway system
  • Tennessee State Routes
SR-213 SR 215

State Route 214 is a 2-lane east to west highway located in Obion County, Tennessee. It is the former alignment of U.S. Route 51 between Union City and South Fulton before the existing freeway alignment was constructed slightly to the north. Locally, this road is known as the Ken Tenn Highway.

Route description[edit]

State Route 214 starts at an intersection with U.S. Route 45W and Tennessee State Route 22. The TN 22 freeway goes north and south. US 45W comes in from the west and goes north with TN 22. TN 214 continues east from here running south of the U.S. Route 51/US 45W freeway alignment. The old alignment (SR 214) merges with the new alignment west of South Fulton and continues east until an interchange with US 45E/TN 215. US 51 goes to the north about 1300 feet into Kentucky via Purchase Parkway. US 45W and 45E merges together at this interchange and follows TN 214. At this point it enters the city limits of South Fulton known as Chickasaw Street. The TN 214 designation ends at Kentucky Route 116 (State Line Road). US 45 continues along State Line Road.


At the above described interchange the westbound and northbound sections are up to freeway standards. Because of this, the routing for Interstate 69 is going to go through this interchange, thus using the 1300 foot section of SR 215. The way the interchange is currently configured would more than likely have to be altered in order to eliminate some left hand turns.[1]