Tennessee State Route 24

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Not to be confused with Interstate 24 in Tennessee.

State Route 24 primary marker State Route 24 secondary marker

State Route 24
Charlotte Pike
Charlotte Avenue
Hermitage Avenue
Lebanon Pike
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 131.11 mi (211.00 km)
Major junctions
west end: US 70 / US 70S – Nashville
east end: US 70 – Crossville
Counties: Davidson, Wilson, Smith, Putnam, Cumberland
Highway system
  • Tennessee State Routes
I-24 US 25

State Route 24 is a "hidden" west–east state highway in Tennessee, as it coincides with U.S. Route 70 (and U.S. Route 70 Business in Lebanon) and U.S. Route 70N for its entire duration from Nashville to Crossville. The road begins in western Nashville (junction of Memphis-Bristol Highway and Charlotte Pike) and ends in Crossville (junction of West Avenue & Sparta Highway). It runs alongside Interstate 40 for its entire length.

There are no "Tennessee 24" signs along the route, although the designation can be seen on the route's mile markers.

Major intersections[edit]


County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Davidson Metropolitan Nashville 0.00 0.00 US 70 west / US 70S east / SR 1 (Memphis-Bristol Highway) Western terminus of SR-24; Concurrency with US-70 begins
SR 251 (River Road Pike / Old Hickory Boulevard)
I-40 – Memphis, Nashville Interchange 201
SR 155 (White Bridge Road)
I-40 / I-65 – Memphis, Knoxville, Louisville, KY, Huntsville, AL Interchange 209; US-70 / SR-24 continues southeast along the frontage roads
I-40 / I-65 – Memphis, Knoxville, Louisville, KY, Huntsville, AL
US 70S / SR 1 west / US 431
Interchange 209A; Concurrency with US-431 / US-70S / SR-1 begins
US 70S.svgSecondary Tennessee 1.svgUS 431.svgUS 31.svgUS 41.svgTennessee 6.svgTennessee 11.svg US-70S / SR-1 east / US-431 north / US-31 / US-41 / SR-6 / SR-11 (8th Ave.) Concurrency with US-431 / US-70S / SR-1 ends
SR 155 (Briley Parkway) Interchange 8
SR 255 south (Donelson Pike)
SR 265 east (Central Pike)
SR 45 (Old Hickory Boulevard)
Wilson Mount Juliet SR 171 south (North Mount Juliet Road)
Martha SR 109 Interchange
Lebanon US 70 / SR 26 east (Badour Parkway) Beginning of US-70 BUS; Concurrency with US-70 ends; Concurrency with US-70 BUS begins
US 70 / SR 26 west / US 231 / SR 10 End of US-70 BUS; Concurrency with US-70 / SR-26 begins
SR 266 south
US 70 / SR 26 east Beginning of US-70N; Concurrency with US-70 / SR-26 ends; Concurrency with US-70N begins
SR 141
Smith South Carthage SR 25 west / SR 53 south Concurrency with SR-53 begins
Elmwood SR 264 south (Stonewall Road)
Chestnut Mound SR 53 north Concurrency with SR-53 ends
Putnam Buffalo Valley SR 96 west (Medley Ammonett Road) Concurrency with SR-96 begins
Gentry SR 96 east (Shaw Branch Road) Concurrency with SR-96 ends
Baxter SR 56
Cookeville SR 291 north
SR 135
SR 136
SR 111 Interchange
I-40 – Nashville, Knoxville Interchange 290
Monterey SR 84 south Concurrency with SR-84 begins
I-40 – Nashville, Knoxville Interchange 300
SR 62 east / SR 84 north Concurrency with SR-84 ends
I-40 – Nashville, Knoxville Interchange 301
Cumberland Crossville 131.11 211.00 US 70 / SR 1 End of US-70N; Eastern terminus of SR-24
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


The following landmarks are visible from Tennessee 24:

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