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State Route 385 marker

State Route 385
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Major junctions
Beltway around Memphis
Counties: Fayette, Shelby
Highway system
  • Tennessee State Routes
SR 384 SR 386

State Route 385 is the designation for three separate segments of highway in the Memphis Metropolitan Area in Shelby and Fayette counties in West Tennessee, forming a semicircle around and through the Memphis suburbs. Clockwise, from the north, they are:

As of November 2013, all segments of the originally planned portion of TN 385 have been opened to traffic. Paul Barret Parkway and Bill Morris Parkway were completed in 2007. Construction on the missing connecting segment of Winfield Dunn Parkway began around 2009, with it opening to traffic on November 22, 2013 at 4:00 PM.

The route is constructed to Interstate-compatible freeway standards with full control of access throughout. The southern portion of the loop is notable for its almost-exclusive use of single-point urban interchanges.

The Barret and Dunn parkways are planned to become part of the Interstate 269 Memphis Outer Loop within the next decade, forming the northern half of the semi-circular loop; the southern half is currently designated as part of Mississippi Highway 304. At the present time, the route is not signed as I-269, but signs have been installed in Tennessee that read "Future I-269 Corridor." When the Bill Morris segment between US 72 and TN 57 was constructed, a partial interchange was built between the two roads. A flyover was built for the eastbound lanes spanning an empty field for what was to become the through lanes for I-269 and ghost ramps were built for both directions. Construction on completing this interchange started in 2013 when the I-269 segment between here and the TN/MS line began construction. When done, Bill Morris Parkway will "terminate" at what will be I-269 (although existing lane configurations will more than likely remain).

The Winfield Dunn Parkway portion was initially referred to as the Collierville Arlington Parkway in media reports about its construction. however, the portion was officially named after Winfield Dunn in April 2012. Dunn is a former dentist from Memphis who became governor in 1970.[1]

The portion of SR 385 between U.S. 51 and SR 204, and the portion between I-240 and Ridgeway Road, was signed as a state secondary route when initially constructed; as of 2007, some now-incorrect signs remain along some sections of the highway and along Ridgeway Road.

Construction History[edit]

Paul W. Barret Parkway[edit]

The first section of TN 385 built was the section of Paul W. Barret Parkway built between US 51 and SR 204 in Millington, completed around 1982. On September 25, 1998, a section of Paul Barret Parkway opened from SR 204 to US 70/79.

Bill Morris Parkway[edit]

Construction on the Bill Morris Parkway section began in 1990. The first section from I-240 to Ridgeway Road opened on December 24, 1993 to eastbound traffic and January 1994 to westbound traffic. The route was extended to Riverdale Road and opened on December 22, 1995. The portion from Riverdale Road to Houston Levee Road opened on December 29, 1997. Bill Morris Parkway was extended to Byhalia Road in October 1999. Bill Morris Parkway was extended to US 72 in 2005 and to its current terminus at SR 57 on August 23, 2007.,[2]

Winfield Dunn Parkway[edit]

The section of Winfield Dunn Parkway from US 70 to I-40 opened in December 1999. The portion from I-40 to US 64 opened on August 31, 2007,[3] and was extended to Macon Road in June 2009. The final section opened to traffic on November 22, 2013.[4]

Exit list[edit]

Destinations Notes
I-240 – Nashville, Jackson, MS Clockwise exit and counterclockwise entrance; southern terminus; I-240 exit 17
Ridgeway Road
Kirby Parkway
Riverdale Road
Winchester Road Road narrows from three lanes to two; speed limit increases from 55 to 65
Hacks Cross Road
Forest Hill-Irene Road
Houston Levee Road
Byhalia Road
US 72 (SR 86) – Collierville
I-269 Future mainline stubs extend southward from the Winfield Dunn Pkwy. EB to NB flyover and SB to WB ramp completed.

An EB to SB ramp stub and NB to WB ramp stub exist. The interchange is currently being completed.

SR 57 – Piperton
SR 193 (Macon Road)
US 64 – Somerville, Memphis
Donelson Farms Parkway
I-40 – Memphis, Nashville I-40 exit 24
US 70 (US 79, SR 1) – Arlington, Lakeland
Stewart Road
North Brunswick Road
SR 14 – Memphis, Brownsville
SR 204 (Singleton Parkway)
Raleigh-Millington Road
US 51 (SR 3) – Millington Counterclockwise exit and clockwise entrance
I-69 – Memphis, Dyersburg Proposed Interchange

In the future, interchanges will more than likely be constructed along the segment of TN 385 between SR 193 and SR 57. According to a map published in 2008, interchanges would be located at Fletcher Rd, Raleigh-LaGrange Rd, and Monterrey Rd. (In the distant future, plans are to extend Walnut Grove Rd from its current terminus at Houston Levee Rd all the way out to Fisherville Rd via Monterrey Rd.)

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