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State Route 43 primary marker State Route 43 secondary marker

State Route 43
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 56.79 mi[1] (91.39 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 45.svgUS 45W.svg US 45/US 45W at Three Way
  US 70A.svgUS 79.svg US 70A/US 79 at Milan
North end: Elongated circle 307.svg KY 307 at South Fulton
Counties: Madison, Gibson, Weakley, Obion
Highway system
  • Tennessee State Routes
US 43 SR 44

State Route 43 is a south to north highway in Tennessee that is 56.79 miles (91.39 km) long. It begins in Madison County and ends in Obion County.[2] State Route 43 is little-known by the general public by this designation as it is overlain by U.S. Route 45E for most of its length; the "43" designation is seen largely on mileposts. Two short sections of this route at Martin and South Fulton is fully signed.

Route description[edit]

Most of SR 43 is a four-lane divided highway, which either overlies or bypasses its original route. It begins at Three Way as a divided four-lane, overlain by US 45E, bypasses Medina, and goes through Milan as an undivided four-lane. SR 43 from its southern terminus to Milan is designated as a STRAHNET connector route servicing the Milan Arsenal.[3] North of Milan, it becomes divided again and bypasses Bradford, passes through Greenfield undivided, divides again and bypasses Sharon.

At Martin, SR 43 breaks free from US 45E as a signed highway and bypasses Martin to the west. This road is the original US 45E around Martin, TN. It is not limited access, and because of its location, it could not easily be converted into a four-lane limited access highway in the 1990s. As a result, a new divided, limited-access four-lane US 45E was constructed around the east side of Martin where more land was available, and the original SR 43 designation was revealed on signposts.

North of Martin, SR 43 rejoins US 45E and continues as an undivided four-lane highway to South Fulton, where it breaks free again and follows the original US 45E Business Route through town to the Kentucky state line while 45E bypasses to the west.

Counties traversed (south to north)[edit]

State Route 43 traverses the counties shown in the table below.

Counties traversed by State Route 43
County miles kilometers
Madison 3.86 6.21
Gibson 24.26 39.04
Weakley 22.09 35.55
Obion 6.58 10.59

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[4] km Destinations Notes
Madison Three Way 0.00 0.00 US 45 / US 45W / SR 5 – Jackson, Humboldt Hidden SR 43 begins briefly overlapped with SR 186 at US 45/US 45W/SR 5 interchange as US 45E.
0.55 0.89 SR 186 north SR 43/SR 186 overlap ends.
Gibson Medina 4.69 7.55 SR 152
Milan 10.86 17.48 SR 187 west
13.26 21.34 SR 104 east Hidden overlap with SR 104 begins.
13.39 21.55 US 70A / US 79 / SR 76 / SR 77 Hidden overlap with SR 104 continues. Hidden SR 77 overlap begins.
13.81 22.23 SR 77 / SR 104 west Hidden overlap with SR 104 & SR 77 ends.
Bradford 25.15 40.48 SR 54 west Begin hidden overlap with SR 54
26.50 42.65 SR 105 Hidden overlap with SR 54 continues.
Weakley Greenfield 30.93 49.78 SR 124 east – McKenzie
30.98 49.86 SR 54 east – Dresden Hidden overlap with SR 54 ends.
32.63 52.51 SR 445 west
Sharon 36.94 59.45 SR 89
Martin 42.69 68.70 US 45E north / SR 216 north / SR 372 north SR 43 becomes a signed highway and continues north. US 45E overlap ends. US 45E continues north overlapped with SR 216.
44.66 71.87 SR 216 east
46.18 74.32 SR 431
47.47 76.40 SR 22 – Union City, Dresden
50.08 80.60 US 45E / SR 372 south SR 43 resumes hidden status and continues north overlapped with US 45E.
Obion South Fulton 51.71 83.22 SR 190
56.21 90.46 US 45E north / SR 215 SR 43 becomes a signed highway through downtown South Fulton. Overlap with US 45E ends.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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