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State Route 5 primary marker State Route 5 secondary marker

State Route 5
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 120.00 mi[1] (193.12 km)
Existed: 1917 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 45 at the Mississippi state line

US 64 / SR 15 in Selmer

US 45 Byp. / US 70 / US 412 Bus. / SR 1 in Jackson
I‑40 / US 412 in Jackson
US 45 / US 45E / SR 43 in Three Way

US 70A / US 79 / SR 76 in Humboldt
US 45W / SR 21 in Union City
US 51 / SR 3 in Union City
North end: KY 125 north-northwest of Woodland Mills
Counties: McNairy, Chester, Madison, Gibson, Obion
Highway system
  • Tennessee State Routes
SR 4 SR 6

State Route 5 (abbreviated SR-5) is a 120-mile-long (190 km) north–south state highway in the western part of the U.S. state of Tennessee. Except for the section northwest of Union City, it is entirely concurrent with U.S. Route 45 (US-45) and US-45W.

Route description[edit]

SR 5 is the hidden designation for US 45 and US 45W for most of the highway's length through the state. SR 5 at its southern terminus is a 4-lane, divided, limited-access expressway and is designated as a primary state highway. In contrast, the northern terminus is quite rural in nature and exists as a two-lane secondary state highway. SR 5 follows Highland Avenue through the City of Jackson, Tennessee and US 45 Business through Humboldt, Tennessee. At Union City, Tennessee, SR 5 becomes a fully signed secondary highway and follows First Street and Main Street through the city. At its junction with US 51, SR 5 continues along Main Street and becomes a primary state highway which overlaps Tennessee State Route 22. At Lake Drive in Union City, Tennessee State Route 22 turns west toward Samburg, Tennessee. SR 5 past Lake Drive is signed as a secondary state highway and continues north toward the state line. The signed portion of SR 5 exists entirely within Obion County, Tennessee and is approximately 7.8 miles (12.6 km) in length.[2]

Counties traversed[edit]

SR 5 traverses the following counties (south to north) shown in the table below.[1]

Counties traversed by State Route 5
County miles kilometers
McNairy 28.17 45.34
Chester 9.74 15.68
Madison 26.29 42.31
Gibson 32.46 52.24
Obion 23.34 37.56


Several old alignments (most are two-lane) of SR 5 exist throughout the state with the most notable examples being near the Mississippi state line, a section of old highway 45 between Bethel Springs and Selmer, Tennessee State Route 367 through Trenton, and a long stretch of old highway between Trenton and Rutherford.

Originally, SR 5 north of Trenton followed a much different route from the current alignment. From Trenton, SR 5 bent to the northeast, following the old Dresden Road as far as Greenfield, where it turned north and roughly followed the present-day SR 43. As evidenced by road maps published by the National Map Company and Rand McNally, sometime between 1927 and 1935, SR 5 was rerouted to follow the former SR 41 north to Kenton and on to Union City.


TDOT has proposed widening SR 5 in Obion County as part of The 2008-2010 Transportation Improvement Program. Right-of-way acquisition will begin in FY 2008 on a section of SR 5 from Troy Station Road to Allie Campbell Road and in FY 2010 for the section between Allie Campbell Road and SR 22. This will leave a two-lane section of SR 5 from Rutherford, Tennessee to a point just north of the Obion River.[3][4]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[5] Intersects Notes
Unsigned Tennessee 5.svg begins at Mississippi State Line. US 45.svg overlap for 60.6 miles (97.5 km).
McNairy Eastview 5.7 SR 57 To Shiloh National Park & Pickwick Landing State Park
Selmer 10.3 SR 142 east – Stantonville
11.6 US 64 east (E. Poplar Avenue) / SR 15 (unsigned) – Savannah Begin US 64 (westbound), US 45 (northbound), SR 5 overlap around Selmer. US 64 BUS continues west through downtown Selmer
16.9 US 64 west (Cherry Avenue) / SR 15 (unsigned) – Memphis End US 64 overlap. US 64 BUS continues east through downtown Selmer
29.0 SR 199 east (Finger-Leapwood Road) – Finger
Chester Henderson
34.5 SR 100 – Whiteville, Decaturville
34.8 SR 365 north (Main Street) – Henderson
37.2 SR 365 south (White Avenue) – Henderson
Madison Pinson 40.6 SR 197 east (Ozier Road) – Pinson To Pinson Mounds, Beech Bluff & Mifflin
47.5 SR 18 south (Bolivar Highway) – Bolivar
Unsigned Secondary Tennessee 5.svg changes to secondary designation.
US 45 Byp. north / US 70 / SR 1 (unsigned)
US 45 Bypass (northbound) and US 70 (westbound) overlap. US 45 and SR 5 continue northbound through downtown Jackson.
US 412 Bus. (North Parkway) / SR 20 (unsigned)
55.7 I‑40 / US 412 (unsigned) – Memphis, Nashville
US 45 Byp. south (Keith Short Bypass) / SR 186 (unsigned) – Jackson
US 45 and SR 5 continue northbound. Unsigned SR 186 overlaps US 45 / SR 5.
Unsigned Tennessee 5.svg changes to primary designation.
Three Way 62.4 US 45W / US 45E / SR 186 (unsigned) / SR 43 (unsigned) – Humboldt, Milan End US 45. SR 5 overlaps US 45W and continues northbound. Unsigned SR 186 overlaps US 45E and continues northbound. Unsigned SR 43 begins and follows US 45E.
US 45W.svg overlap begins.
Gibson Humboldt
US 45W Bus. north
Unsigned SR 366 (northbound) begins overlap with US 45W.
Unsigned Secondary Tennessee 5.svg changes to secondary designation. US 45W.svg Business overlap begins.
US 70A Bus. east / US 79 north (22nd Avenue) / SR 76 (unsigned)
SR 5 and US 45W overlaps with US 70A BUS and US 79 BUS through downtown Humboldt.
US 70A Bus. west / US 79 south (Main Street) / SR 76 (unsigned)
SR 5, US 45W, US 70A BUS, US 79 BUS overlap ends. SR 5 and US 45W continue north along Central Avenue.
68.7 SR 152 (Mitchell Street)
69.6 US 70A / US 79 / SR 366 (unsigned) End US 45W BUS. US 45W and SR 5 continue northbound.
Unsigned Tennessee 5.svg changes to primary designation. US 45W.svg overlap resumes for 43.3 miles (69.7 km).
73.3 SR 420 east – Gibson
76.9 SR 457 west / SR 367 north – Dyersburg, Trenton US 45W and SR 5 turns right and continues north. SR 457 turns left to Dyersburg. SR 367 continues north through downtown Trenton.
78.9 SR 54 south (Armory Street) – Alamo Begin unsigned SR 54 overlap with US 45W and SR 5.
79.3 SR 186 south (Gibson Road) – Gibson
79.9 SR 104 / SR 77 east – Dyersburg, Milan Begin Unsigned SR 77 overlap.
81.3 SR 54 north (Halliburton Street) – Bradford End Unsigned SR 54 overlap with US 45W and SR 5.
82.4 SR 367 south – Trenton
Dyer 87.9 SR 77 west / SR 185 east – Yorkville, Dyer End Unsigned SR 77 overlap.
Rutherford 91.7 SR 105 – Trimble, Bradford
Expressway Ends. Unsigned Tennessee 5.svg continues north as a two-lane road.
Obion Kenton 97.3 SR 89 – Trimble, Sharon SR 89 overlaps with US 45W and SR 5 for a short distance in Kenton.
107.9 SR 21 west (Troy-Rives Road) – Troy Begin Unsigned SR 21 Overlap.
109.0 SR 216 east
Union City
112.9 US 45W north / SR 431 / SR 184 (unsigned) US 45W departs SR 5 overlapped with unsigned SR 184. SR 5 continues north overlapped with unsigned SR 21.
Secondary Tennessee 5.svg changes to secondary designation and continues north as a signed highway through downtown Union City. US 45W.svg overlap ends.
113.7 SR 21 east End SR 21 Overlap.
114.3 US 51 / SR 22 south / SR 3 (unsigned) Begin SR 22 overlap. SR 5 changes to primary designation.
115.5 SR 22 north – Tiptonville, Samburg End SR 22 Overlap. SR 5 changes to secondary designation and continues north.
To Reelfoot Lake State Park
Secondary Tennessee 5.svg ends at Kentucky State Line. Highway continues as Elongated circle 125.svg

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