Tennis at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Women's indoor singles

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Women's indoor singles tennis
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Venue Queen's Club
Dates 7–8 July (quarterfinals)
9 July (semifinals)
11 July (final, bronze match)
Competitors 7 from 2 nations
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
Tennis at the
1908 Summer Olympics
Tennis pictogram.svg
Singles   men   women
Doubles   men    
Singles   men   women
Doubles   men    

The indoor women's singles was one of six lawn tennis events on the Tennis at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme.[1]



Place Name Nation
1st Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith Great Britain Great Britain
2nd Alice Greene Great Britain Great Britain
3rd Märtha Adlerstråhle Sweden Sweden
4th Elsa Wallenberg Sweden Sweden
5th Penelope Boothby Great Britain Great Britain
Mildred Coles Great Britain Great Britain
Violet Pinckney Great Britain Great Britain


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 United Kingdom Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith 7 7  
 United Kingdom Violet Pinckney 5 5  
   United Kingdom Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith 6 6  
   Sweden Elsa Wallenberg 4 4  
 Sweden Elsa Wallenberg 11 4 4[2]
 United Kingdom Mildred Coles 9 6 5 r  
     United Kingdom Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith 6 4 6
   United Kingdom Alice Greene 2 4 0
 United Kingdom Alice Greene 6 6  
 United Kingdom Penelope Boothby 2 2  
 United Kingdom Alice Greene 6 6
   Sweden Märtha Adlerstråhle 1 3     Bronze Medal Match
 Sweden Märtha Adlerstråhle
 bye      Sweden Elsa Wallenberg 6 2 3
   Sweden Märtha Adlerstråhle 1 6 6


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  2. ^ Cook, p. 222. Coles, with a lead of 5 games to 4 and 40-15 in the game in progress, was a single point from defeating Wallenberg when the Briton suffered an arm injury and could not continue play.


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