Tenoroc High School

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Tenoroc High School
Tenoroc Senior High School
Established 2008
Type High school
Principal Ernest Joe, Jr.
Students 1356
Location 4905 Saddle Creek Road,
Lakeland, Florida, USA
Campus 140 acres (570,000 m2)
Colors ████ Purple ████Gray
Mascot Titans
Website Tenoroc High School

Tenoroc High School (THS) is a public secondary school in Lakeland, Florida. The current principal is Jason Looney, and is assisted by two subordinate principals, Daniel Renz and Meesha Downing. The School Board of Polk County established Tenoroc to relieve overcrowding problems at Lakeland High School, Lake Gibson High School, Auburndale High School, and Lake Region High School. It is also one of the more technologically advanced schools owned by the School Board of Polk County and hosts a specialized learning center known as "Power Academy." Power Academy is a 4-year training program for students intending to be employed at Lakeland Electric, Polk County's municipal utility company.


Tenoroc High School was established in mid-2008. Ernest Joe, Jr., the former principal of Auburndale High School, opened THS in the Summer of 2008; however, the official opening ceremonies were not held until later in the year. The school colors were decided by student referendum in early 2008. Students were also involved in choosing the school's mascot, the Titan. Principal Joe made popular, the phrase "the 'Roc" in referring to the actual school.

Saturday Academy[edit]

Tenoroc High School established a program, known as Saturday Academy, early in the year. Students may attend this program, held once a month, to prepare for the FCAT. Other high schools in Polk County, FL also have a similar program. Incumbent Principal Joe established a bribery technique in the school's inaugural year, focused at student attendance for Saturday Academy. This may include, but is not limited to, gift cards, toys, accessories, caps, shirts, and even expensive items such as the Apple iPod Shuffle. Students that attend all sessions of Saturday Academy are awarded brass-plated medallions with purple and gray ribbon at the end of the year. This is has been retired from the school.


Students are encouraged to dedicate their feelings for or against the school in poetic ways, as opposed to prose.

Words and Music by Jim Parker, 2008:

"Oh Tenoroc we hold you dear.
Singing thy praises throughout the years.
Titans forever we stand upon the 'Roc.
Keeping you ever at the top.
Long may Thy triumphs ring in our heart.
Our loyalty will never depart.
Faithful we'll stay to the purple and gray.
We love you Tenoroc."

This has become Tenoroc's Alma Mater.

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