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For the municipality in the Mexican state of Sonora, see Tepache, Sonora
A glass with tepache served at a taco stand in the Tacubaya neighborhood in Mexico City
Type Beverage
Place of origin Mexico
Serving temperature Ice Cold
Main ingredient(s) Pineapple, piloncillo
Variations Beer, Cinnamon

Tepache is a cold fermented beverage made out of the flesh and rind of pineapple, sweetened with brown sugar or piloncillo, and cinnamon. Because tepache is only allowed to ferment for a couple of days, it does not have a high quantity of alcohol. There are rumors that one can become intoxicated by drinking too much tepache but this is mostly due to the addition of a small amount of beer, the most common way of serving it in Mexico.

Tepache is commonly sold by street vendors in many part of Mexico. More recently it can also be found juice bars in the Mexican American communities across Southwestern United States. Because the process of making tepache is simple and quick, it has become a popular drink to make at home. There are even reports that tepache is made by inmates in Mexican prisons.[1] Tepache is most popular with the indigenous population of Mexico and immigrants to the United States.[1]


Tepache can trace its origins back to pre-Columbian times. It was a popular drink among the nahua people of Mexico. The word tepache is a náhuatl word which means "drink made from corn". Originally corn was used as the base of the drink but today, tepache is generally made with pineapple rinds, which ferment to produce a tart and refreshing drink.[2]


Because of the popularity of tepache in Mexico, the drink is now being produced commercially as a non-alcoholic soft drink. There are a few different brands of tepache including Tepache from the Frumex Corporation.

Popular Culture[edit]

Tepache is frequently mentioned in a popular Spanish language quebradita song called La Niña Fresa (the spoiled girl) by Banda Zeta. In the song, the title character is offered several types of drink including tepache though she refuses them all.[3]


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