Teqerideamani II

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Teqerideamani II was a King of Kush (ruled 245/246 - after 265/66).

The most important monument of Teqerideamani is an inscription in demotic in the Isis temple at Philae, which bears his name. The inscription is dated during the reign of the Roman emperor Trebonianus Gallus—10 April 253—and is so far the only secure date in early Nubian history. Another inscription at this place mentions the regnal year 20 of an unnamed Nubian king. There are several reasons to date this inscription to about 265/66, and is therefore assigned to this king, showing that he ruled at least 20 years.

There is another king Teqerideamani in Kush, known basically from his pyramid in Meroe. There is at the moment no agreement between researchers whether both people are one king or two separate kings.

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