Terbium silicide

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Terbium silicide
Molecular formula TbSi2
Molar mass 215.09 g/mol
Appearance Gray powder
Solubility in water Insoluble
Crystal structure Orthorhombic or Hexagonal
Related compounds
Related compounds Rare Earth Silicides
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Terbium silicide is a chemical compound of the rare earth metal terbium with silicon having chemical formula TbSi2. It is a gray solid first described in detail in the late 1950s.[1]

The metallic resistivity and low Schottky barrier of TbSi2 (on n-type doped silicon) make it a potential candidate for applications such as infrared detectors, ohmic contacts, magnetoresistive devices, and thermoelectric devices.

It exhibits antiferromagnetism at 16K.[2]


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