Terby (crater)

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Martian impact crater Terby based on THEMIS Day IR.png
Planet Mars
Coordinates 28°18′S 285°54′W / 28.3°S 285.9°W / -28.3; -285.9Coordinates: 28°18′S 285°54′W / 28.3°S 285.9°W / -28.3; -285.9
Diameter 174.0 km
Eponym François J. Terby

Terby is a crater on the northern edge of Hellas Planitia, Mars. The 174 km diameter crater is centered at 28°S, 73°E with an elevation of −5 km. It is named after François J. Terby. It is the site of an ancient lakebed and has clay deposits.[1]



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