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Terry Speed
Terry Speed 1.jpg
Born (1943-03-14) 14 March 1943 (age 71)
Citizenship Australia
Fields Statistics, Bioinformatics
Thesis Some topics in the theory of distributive lattices (1968)
Doctoral advisor Peter D. Finch

Terence Paul "Terry" Speed FAA (born 14 March 1943), is an Australian statistician, known for his contributions to the analysis of variance and bioinformatics, and in particular to the analysis of microarrays data.

Early life and education[edit]

Speed obtained a Ph.D. from Monash University in 1968 with thesis titled Some topics in the theory of distributive lattices under the supervision of Peter D. Finch.[1]


Speed is currently laboratory head in the Bioinformatics division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, in Melbourne, and was head of the division until 31 August 2014. Previously, he was sharing his time between this position and the department of statistics of the University of California, Berkeley.

He was president of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics in 2004.[2] In 2002, he received the Pitman medal.[3] In 2009 he was awarded a NHMRC Australia Fellowship.[4] In 2013, he was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society.[5] On 30 October 2013, he received the Australian Prime Minister's Prize for Science.[6]

He was also an expert witness at the trial for the O. J. Simpson murder case,[7] as well as an expert witness in the Imanishi-Kari case an affair of alleged scientific misconduct which involved biologist David Baltimore.[8]

He has supervised at least 67 research students.[9]


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