Teresa (1989 telenovela)

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Teresa (Spanish pronunciation: [teɾeˈsa]) was a successful Mexican telenovela written by Mimí Bechelani. It was transmitted by El Canal de las Estrellas in 1989. It starred Salma Hayek as well as Rafael Rojas, Daniel Gimenez Cacho and Miguel Pizarro.


Teresa is a beautiful and intelligent young woman desperately seeking to get out of the grinding poverty of the neighborhood where she lives. Resentful of the miserable life that took her sister, plans to use her beauty and intelligence as a method to enter that world to which both luxurious wants to belong. This makes her friend and classmate Aurora the right to enter his circle of friends. There he meets Aurora Raul's cousin, a young millionaire but neurotic and suicidal. Told that is coupled with its rich and beautiful Raul is delighted with it, and even then he and Aurora discover that Teresa is really poor liar, Raul is obsessed with her and forgives. Fearing that his opposition to end the relationship with Raul suicide, Aurora's parents accept the romance of Teresa and Raul. However, throughout history Teresa will learn that ambition and lies only lead to unhappiness and loneliness.


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