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Teresa (2010 telenovela).jpg
Genre Telenovela
Created by Danyella Montana
Developed by Mimí Bechelani
Directed by Monica Miguel
Starring Sebastián Rulli
Aarón Díaz
Cynthia Klitbo
Angelique Boyer
Opening theme "Esa hembra es mala"
Ending theme "Esa hembra es mala"
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 151 [1]
Executive producer(s) José Alberto Castro
Running time 42-48 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original run August 2, 2010 – February 27, 2011
Followed by Ni contigo ni sin ti
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Teresa (Spanish pronunciation: [teɾeˈsa]) is a 2010 Mexican telenovela, starring antagonistically Angelique Boyer as the cruel and ambitious Teresa, with Aarón Díaz, Sebastián Rulli and Ana Brenda Contreras in co-starring roles, and the stellar participation of Cynthia Klitbo and Manuel Landeta. Teresa is a remake of the 1959 telenovela of the same name starring Maricruz Olivier. Another version was also made in 1989 with the same name starring Salma Hayek. Angelique Boyer won the "Best Protagonist Role" TVyNovelas Award in 2011, also became the youngest actress to win the award[2]

Teresa began airing in Mexico on August 2, 2010,[3] ending its run on February 27, 2011.[4][5] Univision began transmitting Teresa in the United States on March 30, 2011 at 9pm central,[6] airing double hours (8pm to 10pm) from April 12, 2011 to May 13, 2011,[7] and ending its run on October 3, 2011.[8]


Teresa Chavez is a young woman dominated by her greed. Her parents have made great sacrifices to give her a good, decent life, but Teresa only cares about becoming rich.

Teresa is a beautiful and intelligent young woman, desperately seeking to leave the grinding poverty of the neighborhood where she lives. Despite being beautiful and having support and love from her parents, she lives a miserable and resentful life, blaming poverty for her sister's death. After Rosa dies from a heart disease, Teresa vows that she will never be poor again, making plans to escape the life of poverty surrounding her, using her beauty as a way to make it to the top. She is in love with Mariano, a man who lives in the same neighborhood with her and is studying to become a doctor in order to meet Teresa's expectations and fulfill all her dreams. But Teresa is impatient.

While studying at an exclusive school on scholarship Teresa meets Paulo, a wealthy young man and very popular among all students. Teresa, seeing him as a way to get rich fast, breaks up with Mariano and uses her beauty to charm Paulo. They go out throughout high school, but, upon discovering she is poor, he immediately breaks up with her. Genoveva, Paulo's mother also disapproves of Paulo ever seeing Teresa again.

Paulo and Aida, Teresa's jealous classmate, humiliate Teresa, publicly displaying her poverty and her lies, so Teresa decides to take revenge and swears to never be trampled on again. "Entre ser y no ser, yo soy (Between being and not being, I am)" becomes Teresa's motto and the motto becomes the basis for the telenovela. Teresa befriends her teacher Arturo de la Barrera, a respected lawyer who offers to pay for her education. Teresa decides to make Arturo fall in love with her. However, seeing that her friend Aurora is in love Mariano, she's filled with jealousy and decides to get back together with him. Luisa, Arturo's sister, at first distrusts Teresa, until her "sweetness" convinces her that Teresa is just a humble but kind girl.

While Teresa works for Arturo as an assistant, he unintentionally falls in love with her. Luisa discovers this and convinces Arturo to confess his feelings to her. Teresa fills Arturo with hope while dating Mariano. She eventually breaks up with Mariano and tells him that she is going to marry Arturo. This destroys Mariano's hope, and he finds solace in Aida's arms after Paulo dies of a drug overdose. At first, Mariano cannot get Teresa out of his head and he constantly begs Teresa to leave Arturo, but her ambitions keeps her with Arturo. Arturo and Teresa travel to Cancun, and this opens Mariano's eyes, seeing the real Teresa. Teresa eventually marries Arturo. Before that, Teresa meets Fernando, Luisa's multimillionaire fiancé. Despite her efforts and her constantly thinking of Mariano, Teresa eventually falls in love with Arturo while they are on their belated honeymoon.

Time passes and Teresa is accidentally shot by Sainz's wife, which leaves her paralyzed. She slowly recovers, and Arturo finds out that Teresa and Mariano made love the day before Arturo's marriage with Teresa, and that she only married him for his money. Arturo is then thrown into an economic crisis, and doubting the love of Teresa, decides to test her love and takes her to live in the same neighbourhood that she originated from. Tired of the economic crisis, Teresa seeks to improve their status and socio-economic position by seducing Fernando, Luisa's fiancé and Arturo's best friend. Mariano then tells Luisa about Teresa's attempt to conquer Fernando's heart, and he openly admits that he's in love with Teresa. Heartbroken due to their betrayal, Luisa slowly overcomes her pain and accepts Fernando's decision without any resentment. At this time, Teresa is now in love with Arturo, but at the same time, she believes that he should recover his status. Lucia, Luisa's best friend, likes Arturo, which not only proves Teresa's true love for him, but causes her to be extremely jealous of Lucia.

As the story develops, Teresa successfully seduces Fernando, and convinces him to leave Luisa and to sign over half of his fortune to her. During an interview for their wedding, Teresa turns against her family, stating that she comes from the same socio-economic background as Fernando, and that her parents were dead and Juana, her godmother, was merely her nanny. Finally seeing Teresa's true colors, Juana and Refugio, Teresa's mother, are left heartbroken. Later, during Juana's birthday party, Teresa tries to justify the rejection saying she felt it was necessary for the interview. All of her friends and family turn against Teresa, criticizing her for preferring money over love. Although Teresa is left alone, she attempts to get back Arturo's love for her and forgiveness as she feels that he's her true love. When Arturo is involved in a car accident, Teresa searches for him and he is immediately transported to a nearby hospital. As he slowly recovers, he rejects her for not loving him earlier. Teresa donates all of Fernando's money to Paloma's foundation for children after Fernando rejected receiving the stolen fortune. As Teresa tries to correct her mistakes, Refugio denies her daughter as she feels that it's too early to forgive Teresa and can't be sure if her daughter's change is sincere, leaving Teresa all alone. Back at her house, realizing and accepting that she's been left alone with no loved ones around her, she goes to her room and hugs the bear that Arturo gave her as a gift. Arturo then appears, and he picks her up from the ground, hugs her and later, they both kiss. She learned what love really is while Arturo forgave her, giving her another chance.

First Alternative Ending: There was an alternative ending that was broadcast during the Popular Mexican show Hoy, this ending had a heartbroken Teresa, finally realizing and accepting that she's all alone now, with none of her loved ones wanting anything to do with her, leaving Arturo's house to begin a new life. 6 months later we see her working at a company as an assistant, where she is approached by a man, who we learn is her new boss, asking her to meet him at his office. As she makes her way, Teresa unbuttons her blouse before smiling seductively to the camera and saying her famous phrase, implying that she's back to her old manipulative ways.

Second Alternative Ending: In this ending Teresa goes back to her house realizing that no one loves her, and she goes to her room and hugs the bear that Arturo gave her as a gift. Fernando shows up and blames her for destroying his life and then shoots her. Teresa dies holding onto to the bear that Arturo gave her.

Cast of Characters[edit]

  • Angelique Boyer as Teresa Chávez Aguirre de De La Barrera: Arturo's college student (in love with him and given a second chance by him), Rosa's dedicated sister, Luisa's sister-in-law, Aurora's ex- best friend, Juana's goddaughter, Mariano's ex-girlfriend, Paulo's dedicated ex-girlfriend, Refugio's daughter, Armando's dedicated daughter.
  • Sebastián Rulli as Lic. Arturo De La Barrera Azuela - Teresa's college teacher/law professor and in love with her and given a second chance to her, Luisa's brother, Paloma's dedicated ex-boyfriend, Mariano's ex-rival.
  • Aarón Díaz as Mariano Sánchez Suárez - Doctor, Ramon's son, ex-boyfriend of Teresa and Aida, Aurora's husband, Arturo's ex- rival.
  • Cynthia Klitbo as Juana Godoy de González - Teresa's godmother, Cutberto's wife, Hector's ex-girlfriend.
  • Ana Brenda Contreras as Aurora Alcazár Coronel de Sánchez - College student and doctor, daughter of Vanessa and Hector, Teresa's ex-best friend, Aida's friend, Martin's ex-fiancée, Mariano's wife.
  • Daniel Arenas as Fernando Moreno Guijarro - Oriana's son, Luisa's ex-fiancée, Teresa's ex-love interest and victim of her ambitious attitude.
  • Alejandro Ávila as Cutberto González - Mariachi, Juana's husband, Griselda's ex-"love interest", Hector's ex-love rival, Oriana's former assistant.
  • Fernanda Castillo as Luisa de la Barrera Azuela - Teresa's sister-in-law, Arturo's sister, Fernando's ex-fiancée, single mother, pregnant.
  • Isabella Camil as Paloma Dueñas Duarte - Florencia's deceased cousin, Arturo's deceased ex-girlfriend, Teresa's deceased enemy, dies from getting hit by a car.
  • Raquel Olmedo as Oriana Guijarro Vda. Moreno - Fernando's mother, close friend of Arturo and Luisa, ridiculed Teresa, finishes paralyzed as a result of a verbal fight with Fernando
  • Silvia Mariscal as Refugio Aguirre de Chávez - Rosa's dedicated mother, Teresa's mother, Armando's dedicated wife.
  • Juan Carlos Colombo as Armando Chávez Gómez - Former auto mechanic, deceased father Teresa and Rosa, Refugio's deceased husband, dies from a heart attack.
  • Margarita Magaña as Aída Cáceres Azuela - College student, Mayra's daughter, Ruben's dedicated daughter, Paulo's dedicated love interest, Mariano's ex-girlfriend, Teresa's arch rival, Rodrigo's sister, Aurora's friend .
  • Manuel Landeta as Ruben Cáceres Muro - Former homeowner, deceased father of Aida and Rodrigo, Mayra's deceased ex-husband, former lover of Genoveva and Esperanza, killed in prison by Fito's friend.
  • Felicia Mercado as Genoveva de Alba vda. de Castellanos - Paulo's dedicated mother, Ruben's dedicated lover and accomplice, enemy of Esperanza and Teresa, arrested for the murder of Fito and goes to jail.
  • Óscar Bonfiglio as Dr. Héctor Alcázar - Doctor, Aurora's father, Vanessa's ex-husband, Juana's ex-love interest.
  • Fabiola Campomanes as Esperanza Medina Domiguez de Ledesma - Nurse, sister of Johnny and Pablito, daughter of Nachita and Pedro, Rodrigo's mother, Ruben's dedicated ex-lover, Hernán's wife.
  • Toño Mauri as Dr. Hernán Ledesma - Doctor, Esperanza's husband, Rodrigo's stepfather.
  • Luis Fernando Peña as Juan Antonio "Johnny" Gómez Domínguez - Auto mechanic, Esperanza's brother, Patricia's husband, Rosa's dedicated boyfriend.
  • Dobrina Cristeva as Mayra Azuela de Cáceres - Aida's mother, Ruben's dedicated ex-wife, Genoveva's ex-best friend.
  • Alejandro Nones as Paulo Castellanos de Alba - Former college student, Genoveva's deceased son, Teresa's deceased ex-love interest, Aida's deceased boyfriend. commit suicide from a drug overdose
  • Mar Contreras as Lucía Álvarez Granados - Luisa's best friend, Arturo's ex-love interest.
  • Patricio Borghetti as Martín Robles Ayala - Aurora's ex-fiancée.
  • Juan Sahagún as Ramón Sánchez - Mariano's father.
  • Gloria Aura as Patricia "Paty" Nájera Valverde de Gómez - Don Porfirio's granddaughter, Johnny's wife.
  • Guillermo Zarur as Don Porfirio Valverde - Patricia's grandfather.
  • Eugenia Cauduro as Vanessa Coronel de Alcázar - Aurora's mother, Hector's ex-wife, interested in Hector's money instead of Aurora.
  • Joana Brito as Ignacia "Nachita" de Medina - Pedro's wife, mother of Pablito, Esperanza and Johnny.
  • Willebaldo Lopez as Pedro Medina - Nachita's husband, father of Pablito, Esperanza and Johnny.
  • Jéssica Segura as Rosa "Rosita" Chávez Aguirre - Former gymnast, Teresa's deceased sister, Refugio and Armando's deceased daughter, Johnny's deceased girlfriend, dies from a heart disease.
  • Elena Torres as Magda Villagrán - Medical student, Mariano's best friend, Dario's girlfriend.
  • Eduardo Carabajal as Darío - Medical student, Mariano's best friend, Magda's boyfriend.
  • María Dolores Oliva as Gema - Former store owner, Fito's dedicated dealer, arrested for selling drugs with Fito.
  • Rodrigo Rene as Pablo "Pablito" Medina - Son of Pedro and Nachita, Esperanza's younger brother.
  • Alejandra Adame as Florencia Vélez Dueñas - Paloma's dedicated cousin.
  • Daniela Torres as Sophie.
  • Irving Rogelio as Andrés.
  • Juan Diego Covarrubias as Julio - Luisa's first boyfriend.
  • Hugo Aceves as Rodolfo Méndez "Fito" - Drug dealer, responsible for Paulo's death, hired by Genoveva to steal Esperanza's baby, killed by Genoveva.
  • Monserrat de León as Griselda - Cutberto's ex-love interest, Patricia's former housekeeper.
  • Carlos Lóera Lopez as Eduardo.
  • Sofia Castro as Sofía - Mariano's neighbor.
  • Heidi Balvanera as Sasha - Fernando's ex-lover.
  • Felipe Nájera as Hugo - .Pedro's and Nachita's son; Esperanza's, Johhny's and Pablito's brother.
  • Maria Pia as Ivonne - Aida's friend.
  • Roberto Romano as Raúl - College student, Paulo's dedicated best friend, Aida's best friend and love interest.
  • Hortensia Gramajo as Reina - Servant in Arturo's mansion.
  • Tono Infante as Fausto - Cutberto's uncle, Juana's niece in law.
  • Ivan Lomeli as Campesino

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated Result
TVyNovelas Awards[9]
Best Telenovela of the Year José Alberto Castro Nominated
Best Lead Actress Angelique Boyer Won
Best Lead Actor Sebastián Rulli Nominated
Best Female Antagonist Margarita Magaña Nominated
Best Male Antagonist Manuel Landeta Nominated
Best Co-star Actress Ana Brenda Contreras Nominated
Best Musical Theme "Esa Hembra es Mala" - Gloria Trevi Nominated
Premios People en Español
Best Telenovela José Alberto Castro Nominated
Best Actress Angelique Boyer Nominated
Best Actor Sebastián Rulli Nominated
Aarón Díaz Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Juan Diego Covarrubias Nominated
Revelation the Year Alejandro Nones Nominated
Couple of the Year Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer Nominated
Aarón Díaz and Angelique Boyer Nominated
Kids' Choice Awards México
Favorite Actress Angelique Boyer Nominated
Favorite Actor Aarón Díaz Nominated
Favorite Villain Angelique Boyer Nominated
Favorite Phrase "Fear Me Das Teresa!" - Silvia Mariscal Won
Premios ACE
Best Actress Angelique Boyer Won
Best Actor Sebastián Rulli Won
Best Director Mónica Miguel Won

Previous versions[edit]

Other versions of Teresa were made before:

  • 1959: Mexico The original Teresa was produced in 1959 starring Maricruz Olivier.
  • 1965: Brazil The second version and first remake of "Teresa" was made in (Brazil) in (1965) starring Georgia Comide.
  • 1967: Mexico The third version "El 4° Mandamiento" was made in (1967).
  • 1989: Mexico The fourth version of "Teresa" was done in (1989) and starred Salma Hayek.


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