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Maria Teresa Pinto Basto Patrício de Gouveia, GCIH (born on 18 July 1946), is a Portuguese Politician.


She is a daughter of Afonso Patrício de Gouveia (Guarda, Sé, 18 July 1915 -) and wife Maria Madalena d'Orey Ferreira Pinto Basto (Lisbon, 19 August 1925 -), from a Family of the high Bourgeoisie and some Nobility and of more or less distant English, German, French and Italian descent. One of her brothers, António, was killed in Camarate with Francisco Sá Carneiro and his mistress and Adelino Amaro da Costa and his wife.


She is a licentiate in history from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon.

She became a member of the European Council, Secretary of State for Culture and Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources in the XIth Constitutional Government, Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2003–2004), Minister of Culture and President of the Serralves Foundation.


She was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Order of Prince Henry.

Marriage and child[edit]

She married in Lisbon on 4 August 1971 and divorced on 20 February 1981 Writer and Poet Alexandre O'Neill. The couple had a son:[1][2]

  • Afonso de Gouveia O'Neill (28 May 1976 –)


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