Terminator Gene

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Terminator Gene
TermGene sml Ian Irvine.gif
Author Ian Irvine
Country Australia
Series The Human Rites Trilogy
Genre Future eco-thriller
Publisher Simon & Schuster Australia
Publication date
April 2003
September 2009
Media type Paperback
Preceded by The Last Albatross
Followed by The Life Lottery

Terminator Gene is the second book in Ian Irvine's Eco-thriller titles. Set after The Last Albatross, this is the story of Jemma Hardey's daughter. This book is due to be re-released as a revised edition in September 2009.[1] The ePub version of the eBook is available to download for free on Ian Irvine's website. It is also available on the Amazon Kindle, but is not free.


- "Security knocks at the door and Irith Hardey's world is torn apart.

- Her mother, Jemma, is arrested for an unspecified crime and disappears. Irith, a young gene researcher, is thrown onto the streets. With nothing but the clothes on her back, she fights to survive in a cruel and predatory world. - - The sexually inexperienced Irith soon falls prey to the mysterious Bragg. He spirits her away to a Britain slowly collapsing under the sanctions of the Global Congress. There she is flung into a violent battle between Security and a cabal of rebels, only to find herself caught up in the rebels' underground assault on a Congress data centre. They steal files containing the code for a deadly terminator virus, but no one can decipher it. - - Hunted through the flooded tunnels under the London Docklands, the group flees to New Orleans, slowly drowning under the rising seas, to destroy the laboratory where the virus is being made. As the hurricane of the century bears down on the sinking city, Irith struggles to crack the secret of the virus before it wipes out all humanity."

Laws of the Global Congress[edit]

Seven Obscenities

  1. Procreation without a permit
  2. Consuming more than you require
  3. Wasting Energy
  4. Damage to the environment
  5. Failure to complete allotted duties
  6. Willfully harming animals
  7. Disobeying lawful instructions

Fifteen virtues

  1. Abstinence
  2. Obedience
  3. Self Control
  4. Diligence
  5. Austerity
  6. Dedication

NOTE:all known virtues


  • Jemma Hardey - Now at the age of 55, and is a widow after Ryn's death, mother to Irith Hardey. She is being hunted for revenge by Ulf Barmet.
  • Irith Hardey - Small, like her mother and has slightly frizzy pale brown hair. She has brown eyes, and is a striking woman, though timid and well brought up to be conservative. She is a great rifle shooter and is the heroine of the story.
  • Levi Seth - Now in his 50's, he wears glasses, is slim, dark-skinned. He has a bald skull rimmed with fluffy grey hair and kind eyes. He has an Indian appearance but no apparent accent, and a firm handshake. He is very good at security, and is the main character in helping the team succeed.
  • Bragg - Takes Irith to London, is part of Levi's team.
  • Thornton - Twin to Gretel, is sexually attractive (and knows how to get what he wants), a control freak and "the explosives guy" in Levi Seth's team.
  • Gretel - A tall attractive woman, with a luscious figure, not much over 20. She has jet black hair to midway down her back. She is twin to Thornton and with a fiery temper is very protective to her twin.
  • Siah - Gives Levi's team a place to stay, which gets burnt down. Has family in the New Orleans.
  • Ulf Bamert - President of the Global Congress and is the villain.
  • James Barchitt - Director of Security at the office in London. He is condescending, has "meaty hands" and is a pervert.

Titles of the Human Rites Sequence[edit]