Terras Madeirenses VR

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Map of the DOCs and IPRs of Portugal. Number 26 is Madeira, where Terras Madeirenses VR is also located.

Terras Madeirenses is a Portuguese wine region situated on the islands of Madeira, both on the main island and on the Porto Santo Island.[1] The region is classified as a Vinho Regional (VR), which corresponds to table wines with a geographical indication under European Union wine regulations, similar to a French vin de pays region.

Terras Madeirenses is a designation for simpler, non-fortified wines from Madeira, while the more famous fortified Madeira wines use the designation Madeira DOC.

DOC regions[edit]

There are also two Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOCs), which correspond to a higher level of classification, covering the same area as Terras Madeirenses VR:[1]

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