Terras de Bouro Municipality

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Terras de Bouro
Flag of Terras de Bouro
Coat of arms of Terras de Bouro
Coat of arms
Location in Portugal
Location in Portugal
Coordinates: 41°43′N 8°18′W / 41.717°N 8.300°W / 41.717; -8.300Coordinates: 41°43′N 8°18′W / 41.717°N 8.300°W / 41.717; -8.300
Country  Portugal
Region Norte
Subregion Cávado
District/A.R. Braga
 • Mayor António Afonso (PSD)
 • Total 277.5 km2 (107.1 sq mi)
 • Total 7,955
 • Density 29/km2 (80/sq mi)
Parishes (no.) 17
Municipal holiday Saint John
June 24
Website http://www.cm-terrasdebouro.pt

Terras de Bouro (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈtɛʁɐʒ ðɨ ˈβowɾu]) is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 277.5 km² and a total population of 7,955 inhabitants.

The municipality is composed of 17 parishes, and is located in the district of Braga. The present Mayor is António Ferreira Afonso, elected by the Social Democratic Party. The municipal holiday is June 24, after Saint John.


The Germanic tribe of the Buri accompanied the Suebi in their invasion of the Iberian Peninsula and establishment in Gallaecia (modern northern Portugal and Galicia). The Buri settled in the region between the rivers Cávado and Homem, in the area known thereafter as Terras de Boiro or Terras de Bouro (Lands of the Buri).[1]


  • Balança
  • Brufe
  • Campo do Gerês
  • Carvalheira
  • Chamoim
  • Chorense
  • Cibões
  • Covide
  • Gondoriz
  • Moimenta (Terras de Bouro)
  • Monte
  • Ribeira
  • Rio Caldo
  • Souto
  • Valdosende
  • Vilar
  • Vilar da Veiga

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