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For the faux marble flooring, see Terrazzo.

Terrazo is a book written in 1947 by Puerto Rican writer Abelardo Diaz Alfaro. The book won many awards, including that of the Sociedad de Periodistas Universitario y Instituto de Literatura Puertorriqueña,[1] and made it to the national libraries of many other Latin American countries where Diaz Alfaro was a known and respected writer.

Terrazo tells the stories of abuse, racism and suffering of many Puerto Rican blacks during the 19th century at the hands of Puerto Rico's vast white majority. Its 20 chapters, while presumably made up of fictional stories, talk about the way many black workers used to be treated by many white slave owners.

The book has been considered by many as one of the tools that helped Puerto Rican people realize that there was some racism in Puerto Rico's past.


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