Terri Stivers

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Det. Terri Stivers
First appearance October 25, 1996
(5x04, Bad Medicine) (Recurring)
September 25, 1998
(7x01, La Famiglia) (Regular)
Last appearance May 21, 1999
(7x22, Forgive Us Our Trespasses) (HLOTS)
February 13, 2000
Homicide: The Movie
Created by Tom Fontana
Portrayed by Toni Lewis
Gender Female
Occupation Homicide Detective
Sex Crimes Detective (formerly)
Narcotics Detective (formerly)
Title Detective

Terri Stivers is a fictional police detective of the Baltimore Police Department on Homicide: Life on the Street. She was played by actress Toni Lewis.

Stivers first appeared in Season 5 as a member of the narcotics unit, but she often collaborated with the homicide detectives in an effort to bring down drug kingpin Luther Mahoney. She was involved in the controversy regarding Mahoney's shooting death, which she and fellow detectives Mike Kellerman and Meldrick Lewis saw as an unjustified killing. In Season 6, she served brief stints in the burglary and sex crime units before transferring to homicide. The questionable shooting led to a war between the Mahoney family and the Police Department, resulting in Kellerman's departure from the force. Stivers remained on the force but was less visible following the death of Mahoney's sister and organizational heir, Georgia Rae Mahoney, and Kellerman's departure. She ripped now-PI Kellerman for his actions and the effect they had on the police. She also made it clear she wasn't happy with new Detective Rene Sheppard's inability to control the streets, but did form a strong friendship with a more competent female detective, Laura Ballard. She and Detective Lewis shared a mutual understanding of feelings for one another, though it never panned out for the two.

Her maternal grandmother was Trinidadian. She immigrated to the United States when she was a girl, went to college and became a teacher. She believed that she was better than most people.[1]


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