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Terri Sue Webb (left) and Daniel Johnson (right) being arrested

Terri Sue Webb is an activist living in Bend, Oregon, who was one of few activists in the United States active in The Freedom to be Yourself (TFTBY or FTBY) campaign. She has been imprisoned and released on many occasions for public nudity. On several occasions, she has remained fully nude while incarcerated, often resulting in a much longer jail sentence. There has been extensive media coverage of her activities. Daniel Lorenz Johnson went nude with her in public on two occasions in 2001, in Portland, and 2002, in Bend.

In December 2010 she was arrested for criminal trespassing in Clackamas County, Oregon. She was held against her will by the State of Oregon for many years. As of 2015, her whereabouts are not known.


"To be offended by the visual appearance of another person is prejudice, akin to racism. The right to exist, uncovered, should hold precedence over the right not to view [nudity], for the objection is irrational." - activist Terri Sue Webb in the Spring 2002 edition of Nude and Natural magazine in article entitled "Beyond Safe Havens: Oregon's Terri Sue Webb"
"Clothing encourages us to fill it, to consume more. Which is what I have done, resulting in my disturbing fat body. If the effects of our behavior and habits upon our bodies were generally visible, people would take care of themselves and not look like me." - activist Terri Sue Webb in an interview with Daniel Johnson on 16 Dec 2001
"If I am pushed into clothing for the sake of a trial, this aids the prosecution in its designation of my 'appearing naked' as a deed in itself, an act with intent, when it's not an act, its simply what I am, what we all are. The judge has ordered that I appear 'appropriately dressed' in court or face jail time. I was appropriately dressed for the occasion the first time!" - activist Terri Sue Webb in a post to stopsegregation discussion group, 27 Nov 2001

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