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This article is about the Devin Townsend album. For the Australian broadband consortium, see Terria (consortium).
Studio album by Devin Townsend
Released November 6, 2001
Recorded 2001 at Mushroom, Manland, Bedlam, Platinum Plus and Greenhouse Studios, Vancouver, BC
Genre Progressive metal, progressive rock, alternative rock
Length 71:54
Label HevyDevy Records
Producer Devin Townsend
Devin Townsend chronology
Accelerated Evolution
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
BW&BK 8/10 stars[1]
Chronicles of Chaos 8/10 stars[2]
Sputnikmusic 4.3/5 stars[3]

Terria is the fifth solo album by Canadian musician Devin Townsend. The album was released in November 2001 on Townsend's label, HevyDevy Records.


Feeling he had "ostracized a bunch of fans" with his previous album Physicist (2000), Townsend felt he had the chance to make a more personal and honest record.[4] Townsend was inspired one morning while driving across Canada with his band, and looked to write an "introspective" album dedicated to his homeland.[5] He produced and recorded Terria, a "highly illustrated stream-of-consciousness" album, with Gene Hoglan on drums, Craig McFarland on bass and Jamie Meyer on keyboards.[4] The artwork of the album was handled by Travis Smith who considers his work on Terria his best work along with his work on Katatonia's Last Fair Deal Gone Down.[6]


Terria has been described as "melodic and atmospheric", with elements of pop and ambience alongside Townsend's trademark heaviness.[7] Terria features musical themes explored in Townsend's previous albums, such as Ocean Machine: Biomech. However, it is more restrained, "using silence as part of the music".[3] Townsend cited Ween's White Pepper as an inspiration for the album.[4]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Devin Townsend

No. Title Length
1. "Olives"   3:21
2. "Mountain"   6:32
3. "Earth Day"   9:35
4. "Deep Peace"   7:34
5. "Canada"   6:53
6. "Down and Under"   3:43
7. "The Fluke"   7:16
8. "Nobody's Here"   6:54
9. "Tiny Tears"   9:12
10. "Stagnant"   5:25
11. "Humble" (Hidden track) 5:30
Total length:
Limited Edition bonus track
No. Title Length
12. "Universal"   5:55
Total length:


Terria was released in November 2001 on Townsend's independent label, HevyDevy Records. It is distributed in Canada by HevyDevy, in Japan by Sony, and in Europe and North America by InsideOut. A limited-edition two-disc version was also released, which included the bonus song "Universal", as well as a multimedia element containing footage of a Devin Townsend concert in Japan and audio commentary about the album.

Critical reception[edit]

Sputnikmusic gave the album four stars, describing Terria as "not a perfect album, but an immense and, if you let it be, absorbing one."[3]

Chart performance[edit]

Chart Weeks Peak position
SNEP (France)[8] 1 125
Oricon (Japan)[9] 1 81



  • Devin Townsend – production, engineering, mixing
  • Shaun Thingvold – engineering, mixing
  • Scott Ternan – engineering
  • Jamie Meyer – engineering
  • Lee Preston – engineering
  • Chris Crippen – drum teching
  • Mike Bellis – drum teching
  • Travis Smith – illustration, design, layout
  • Gloria Fraser – photography
  • Tracy Turner – management


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