Territorial changes of the People's Republic of China

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Since its formation on 1 October 1949 the People's Republic of China's territorial claims have frequently been revised.

Until 1986, the total territory (or under control) of P.R.China was 10.45 million km2, includinga[›]:

During the 1990s and 2000s, the official size and value of China's territory is rarely officially declared or published, partly because of the frequent and ongoing changes in their territorial claims.

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  • 12 January: The Tajikistan parliament ratifies a deal ceding approximately 1000 square kilometres to China.[8][9]


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^ a:  "... 1045万平方公里,其中陆地940万平方公里,岛屿75400平方公里,滩涂12700平方公里,内海693000平方公里,领海22万平方公里" -- 《中国领土面积》(The territory of China); 1986年4月20日《信息日报》 (20 December 1986; Daily Information)

Daily Information is a Chinese newspaper founded on 1 October 1984, reporting economic and communications news. See the introduction to the newspaper (in Chinese): 《信息日报》