Terror Is a Man

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Terror Is a Man
Poster of the movie Terror Is a Man.jpg
Directed by Gerardo de Leon
Produced by Kane W. Lynn (producer)
Eddie Romero (producer)
Written by Paul Harber (writer)
H.G. Wells (novel The Island of Dr. Moreau)[citation needed] (uncredited)
Starring See below
Music by Ariston Avelino
Cinematography Emmanuel I. Rojas
Edited by Gervacio Santos
Running time 89 minutes
Country Philippines
Language English

Terror Is a Man is a 1959 Philippine / American film directed by Gerardo de Leon.

The film is also known as Blood Creature (American reissue title).


A mad scientist changes a panther into a humanoid beast... and the beast escapes.


  • Francis Lederer as Dr. Charles Girard
  • Greta Thyssen as Frances Girard
  • Richard Derr as William Fitzgerald
  • Oscar Keesee as Walter Perrera
  • Lilia Duran as Selene
  • Peyton Keesee as Tiago - the Boy
  • Flory Carlos as Beast-Man




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