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Tesco Town is British slang for an area where one retailer has large market share.

The term Tesco Town comes from the name of the retailer Tesco, but is used to describe any area dominated by one particular retailer.[1]

Bicester is one of the UK's best known Tesco-towns, operating six stores in a region with a population of 29,000. Featuring a Tesco Extra on the southern side of town, near the Bicester Village designer outlet, a Metro Tesco Metro in the town centre and a further four Tesco Express stores around the general neighbourhood and community areas.[2]

In 2007, it was reported that in Inverness, where there are currently four stores in the small city, Tesco had a 51% share of the market for groceries in the city, the highest rate of penetration for any locality in the UK.[3]

In April 2008, Tesco purchased a shopping centre in Kirkby, Merseyside for £65million which saw nearly all shops in Kirkby become tenants.[4]

In October 2009 the Competition Commission passed its proposal for a "competition test" on to the Department for Communities and Local Government. The test would ban from adding more space in an area, which it says will improve choice for shoppers by making it easier for rival grocers to open.[5]

Bedford has also been described as a Tesco town with the town having a Tesco for every 7,500 people. [6]

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