Tessa Campanelli

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Tessa Campanelli
Degrassi Junior High
Degrassi High
Campanelli, Tessa 01.jpg
Kirsten Bourne as Tessa Campanelli in School's Out (1992)
First appearance He Ain't Heavy (#3.06) (Degrassi Junior High)
Last appearance School's Out
Created by Linda Schuyler and Yan Moore
Portrayed by Kirsten Bourne
Occupation student &
photo processing clerk
Nationality Presumably Canadian

Tessa Campanelli is a character from the Canadian television series Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, portrayed by Kirsten Bourne.

Tessa's first significant scene comes in the Degrassi Junior High finale, "Bye-Bye Junior High", when she and Scooter discover a fire in the boiler room and alert everyone assembled for the graduation dance, thus allowing them to escape before the school is engulfed in flames.

She continues in Degrassi High, first having a crush on Joey Jeremiah but eventually getting together with Alex Yankou. They remain together for 3 months until she cheats on Alex with Yick Yu.

Although a minor character in the series, she came to the forefront in the follow-up telemovie, School's Out, set during the summer between her grade 11 and grade 12 years (the post-graduation summer of most of the more prominent characters). She works as a photo processing clerk, alongside recent graduate and unwed mother, Christine "Spike" Nelson. She has been dating Todd, but dumps him after an argument about marijuana which, she says, always makes him boring. Sexually aggressive, Tessa starts seeing and seduces Joey and takes his virginity while he is still dating Caitlin Ryan who is working long hours in preparation for her relocation to Ottawa to study journalism. Tessa becomes pregnant and, without Joey's knowledge, gets an abortion.

Unlike many of her classmates, Tessa does not appear in "Mother and Child Reunion" (aside from her inclusion in a group photograph seen on Snake's reunion website in the cold open), nor in any subsequent Degrassi: The Next Generation episode. She is, however, referred to by Joey in "Holiday Part 2" after Joey's stepson Craig's remarkably similar love triangle crashes in upon itself. Joey also mentions her in passing in "Time Stands Still" Part 2. After getting engaged to Joey, Caitlin mentions, "I think you know what you can do with Tessa Campanelli's address, Snake," while discussing her guest list on the telephone. These conversations relate back to the events of School's Out, and nothing of Tessa's later life is known.