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Tessa Violet
Tessa Violet by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Tessa Violet in 2014.
Born (1990-03-20) March 20, 1990 (age 24)
Chicago, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Swedish, German, and Irish[1]
Years active 2007 - present
Known for Comedy, Video blogging, music, music videos
Home town Ashland, Oregon, United States
Religion Christian[2]
Internet information
Web alias(es) meekakitty
Web hosting service(s) YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter
Signature phrase Mind Geek
youtube.com/meekakitty http://tessaviolet.tumblr.com https://twitter.com/meekakitty

Tessa Violet (popularly known as Meekakitty) is an American vlogger, singer-songwriter, actress and former model, best known for her YouTube videos which are mostly humorous with fast cuts. She grew up in Oregon and performed in theater while in high school.

Violet is known for her trademark flaming red hair and array of large-frame glasses worn in her videos. She is sometimes referred to as a geek girl for having an interest in Digimon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and The Legend of Zelda.[3][4] She started vlogging in 2007 for a school project[5] and began to do so daily when she traveled to Hong Kong and Thailand as a fashion model.[3]

Journey to popularity[edit]

She moved to New York in 2008, after graduating from high school, and did many of her most-viewed vlogs about her life there. She then moved to Los Angeles where she concentrated more on directing and performing in music videos, with the help of Maker Studios. She was in the process of relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, with fellow YouTubers Zolloc (Hayden), Internallan and Nanalew (Shawna Howson, who was unable to get a visa as she currently lives in Canada). She is now relocating to Canada since Nanalew was unable to move to the US. Her YouTube channel is one of the 500 most-subscribed and in 2009 she won $100,000 in a YouTube competition in which the most commented video would win.[5][6] Her cousin's roommate at that time, Ray William Johnson, with the then most-subscribed YouTube channel, appealed to his viewers to vote for Violet on the competition.[7]

Beside her own vlogs, Violet also appears in Ray William Johnson's side project Breaking Los Angeles (and its predecessor BreakingNYC), is the Post Supervisor of Breaking Los Angeles[8] and appeared in three episodes of The Professionals.[9]

Music videos[edit]

She is perhaps best known for her most popular music video "Star Trek Girl" which made its debut on her YouTube channel in January 2011 and promptly went viral. This video is no longer on her channel as it was set to private by Violet herself back in November 2011.[citation needed] She recently started to release songs on iTunes and create music videos, such as "The Bacon Song", with Alex Carpenter and Jason Munday, and "Wizard Love", with Heyhihello.[4][10] On September 24, 2012, Violet appeared in a music video by Family Force 5. The song was a remixed version of "Cray Button", and featured Christian rapper Lecrae.[11] Violet had previously used the FF5 song "Zombie" in one of her videos.[11] She also directed the music video for the song "Chainsaw", featuring Tedashii.


Violet went on a 17-city U.S. and Canada tour from January 11 to February 10, 2012, with fellow YouTubers Nanalew (Shawna Howson), LiveLavaLive (Mitchell Davis and Kyle Sibert), Olan Rogers, Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter.[citation needed] Violet has also recently released an album 'Days of' with her friend Nanalew, calling their band 'The Week'. Collectively, Howson and Violet are known as 'Nanakitty' and have released many videos on both channels such as a trailer for a non-existent film called 'Ben'.[citation needed]



  • Days Of (2012)
  1. "Dirty Hipster No-Nose"
  2. "The lizards are scratching at the car;they want to get in."
  3. "My Eggs Aren't Done (Please Cook Them Again)"
  4. "Crickets in the Night"
  5. "Space Crustaceans! (CRUSTACEANS FROM SPACE!)"
  • Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled (2014)
  1. "Just Right"
  2. "Broken Record"
  3. "Small"
  4. "Make Me A Robot"
  5. "Like You Used To"
  6. "Tennessee"
  7. "Sorry I'm Not Sorry"
  8. "Spend Some Time"
  9. "This I Pray for You"
  10. "The Things I Do"
  11. "Now That We're Done"


  • Navi's Song (Hey, Listen!) (2011)
  • The Bacon Song feat. Jason Munday & Alex Carpenter (2011)
  • Wizard Love feat. Heyhihello (2011)


  • Beat the Heat (Rhett and Link featuring Meekakitty) (2013)
  • It's Chill (Lancifer featuring Meekakitty) (2012)


After her move to Canada, Violet announced that she and Nanalew were working together to develop a "miniseries" and were in the process of storyboarding and writing. The duo have enlisted help from multiple friends and fellow bloggers.


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