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For the moth genus, see Tessella (moth).
Tessella Ltd
Type Private
Industry Software Science, Engineering
Founded Oxfordshire, England (1980)
Key people Kevin Gell, Founder, Chairman
Website tessella.com

Tessella is an international analytics, technology and consultancy firm specialising in R&D.


Tessella was founded in 1980[1] by Kevin Gell as “Tessella Support Services Plc”. Tessella moved to its first permanent office in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in 1987.[1]

Tessella opened its Warrington branch in 1998 and its Burton upon Trent branch in 2000.[1]

In 2000 Tessella opened its first branch outside the UK in Den Haag, The Netherlands.[1] In 2003 Tessella started working in the USA as “Tessella Inc” and now has offices in Houston, TX, Boston, Massachusetts and Washington DC.[1]

During 2005 Tessella purchased Analyticon.[1]

In 2009 Tessella changed its name form “Tessella Support Services Plc” to “Tessella Plc”[1] and expanded its services to include consulting.

In July 2012 Tessella announces the completion of its management buy-out, led by its existing management team. Mobeus Equity Partners supported the buyout and founder Kevin Gell retains a significant minority stake plus continues to serve as a board member. http://www.tessella.com/2012/07/press-release-management-buy-out-at-tessella/

Since the MBO, Tessella has expanded its consulting and technology services to explicitly include analytics[2] as a core capability, channeling the hi-tech experience gained supporting clients in big science, space & defense and similarly data-rich industries.

Areas of work[edit]

Tessella works in the R&D function of range of industries including: pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, space, science research and archiving.

Digital Archiving[edit]

Tessella's software Safety Deposit Box (SDB) is used by many of the worlds archives including Austria,[3] Estonia, UK,[4] Swiss, Malaysian, Dutch National Archives, as well as Rotterdam Regional Archives and the Wellcome Trust[5] library. In June 2012[6] Tessella launched a digital preservation software as a service offering Preservica.[7]

Archiving software developed by Tessella was at the heart of the 2004 and 2007 winners of the Digital Preservation Award as well as shortlisted entries in 2005.[8]


Tessella specialises in the development of Adaptive Clinical Trials systems, used to shorten the time and patients needed to test new drugs. Much of this is based around Bayesian methods.[9][10] Tessella wrote the user interface for Wyeth’s Adaptive Design Explorer (ADE) software.[11]

Science Research[edit]

Tessella has worked at both JET and ITER fusion research sites.[12][13] They are currently working on a new instrument independent data analysis framework for use in Neutron and Muon experiments.[14] This is a collaboration project between Tessella, ISIS, and ORNL.[15]


Tessella has been involved in the development of the Guidance Navigation and Control systems[16] for a number of space missions including: Solar Orbiter,[17] Herschel Space Observatory,[18] Planck spacecraft[19]

Oil and Gas[edit]

Tessella is a ‘Tier Three’ IT provider to Shell and have worked with them to build risk management software.[20]

Other Projects[edit]

Tessella wrote the DORIS (DOsimetry and Records Information System) program for the Health Protection Agency. The DORIS software manages and keeps records for dosemeter readings.[21]

The TAPAS (the “Train Automatic Performance Analysis System”) program was written by Tessella for Southern Rail to monitor their systems and highlight any behaviour that could indicate potential problems.[22]


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