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Test Studio
Developer(s) Telerik
Stable release 2012.2 (R2 2012) / September 20, 2012 (2012-09-20)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Test automation
License Proprietary
Website http://www.telerik.com/automated-testing-tools.aspx

Telerik Test Studio is a Windows-based software testing tool for web and desktop[1] functional testing,[2] software performance testing, load testing[3] and mobile application testing developed by Telerik.[4][5] The tool ships with a plugin for Visual Studio and a standalone app that use the same repositories and file formats. Test Studio supports HTML, AJAX, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript and WPF. Test Studio supports test execution in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.


Functional Testing - The tool provides test automation[6] support for web and desktop applications - Silverlight, WPF, AJAX, HTML,[7] WPF, and MVC, JavaScript calls, dynamic page synchronization, client-side behaviors, as well as support for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.

Performance Testing - Test Studio offers web performance testing to analyze metrics on the server and on the client, explore the HTTP traffic requests and performance counter data. Benchmarks can be created against which later results are compared for regression detection or goal setting. Performance metrics supplement the existing functional UI tests to include such data as server processing time, network latency, and client rendering time.

Load Testing - existing Test Studio functional tests or Fiddler logs can be used to create load tests. Test Studio's load agents are making use of multi-core, hyper threaded CPUs in order to generate a high user load.[8]

Mobile Testing - In March 2012 Telerik entered the iOS testing space. Test Studio for iOS is an App Store app that supports iPhone, iPad & iPod devices.[9] The app offers support for native, web and hybrid iOS apps.[10] Test Studio for iOS relies on object based recording. Development platforms supported: MonoTouch, PhoneGap, Xcode. Cloud sync of tests and results across different devices and among team members is available through a web portal.[11]

Features in Brief[edit]

Some of Test Studio’s features include:

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