Teton River (Montana)

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For the river in Idaho, see Teton River (Idaho).
Teton River
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The Teton River in Montana
Origin 47°52′58″N 112°37′59″W / 47.88278°N 112.63306°W / 47.88278; -112.63306 (Teton River)[1]
Mouth 47°55′55″N 110°30′32″W / 47.93194°N 110.50889°W / 47.93194; -110.50889 (Teton River)Coordinates: 47°55′55″N 110°30′32″W / 47.93194°N 110.50889°W / 47.93194; -110.50889 (Teton River)[1]
Basin countries Chouteau and Teton County, Montana
Mouth elevation 2,562 feet (781 m)[1]
River system Missouri River

The Teton River (pronounced "TEE-tuhn") is located in northwestern Montana, in the Western United States The ~ 150 miles (240 km) long river is a tributary of the Marias River. Its watershed is within Teton County and Chouteau County, Montana.


The Teton River headwaters are in the southern Lewis Range of the Rocky Mountains at the continental divide, in the Lewis and Clark National Forest.

It flows southeast, then east, down from the Lewis mountains and across Teton County, past the town of Choteau. It is joined by Muddy Creek and Deep Creek. It continues flowing east, passing near Fort Benton to its confluence with the Marias River. This occurs only 3 miles (4.8 km) upstream of the Marias' confluence with the Missouri River.

Variant names[edit]

The Teton River has also been known as the:[1]

  • Breast River
  • Fancy River
  • Mone-e-kis, Monekis
  • Rose River
  • Tansey River
  • Tansy River, Tanzey River, or Tanzy River

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