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Tetrytol is a high explosive, comprising a mixture of Tetryl and TNT. Typically, the proportion of ingredients (by weight) is approximately 70% tetryl and 30% TNT. Given that tetryl is significantly more sensitive than TNT, has a slightly higher detonation velocity and forms the main part of this explosive blend, the sensitivity of tetrytol and its brisance can be inferred.

Applications of tetrytol are usually military in nature e.g. burster tubes for chemical weapons (e.g. nerve gas shells), blocks of demolition explosives and cast shaped charges.

When compared to pure TNT, Tetrytol does not store well at the higher temperatures typical of desert or tropical environments.

Note: tetryl has been regarded as obsolete for a number of years. As a result, any tetrytol explosives encountered will usually be in the form of legacy munitions or unexploded ordnance dating from the 1960s and earlier.