Tetsurō Araki

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Tetsurō Araki
Born (1976-11-05) November 5, 1976 (age 38)
Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Anime director
Known for Death Note, Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan

Tetsurō Araki (荒木 哲郎 Araki Tetsurō?, born November 5, 1976) is a Japanese anime director. He was born in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.[1][better source needed]

Araki is a graduate at Senshu University and worked with Madhouse before moving with Production I.G in 2011.[1][better source needed] His directorial debut was 2005's Otogi-Jūshi Akazukin. He is best known as the director of the Death Note, Guilty Crown and Attack on Titan anime adaptations. Araki, along with Death Note character designer Masaru Kitao, appeared at Anime Expo 2007.

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