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Teunis (Teun) Kloek (born 1934[1]) is a Dutch economist and Emeritus Professor of Econometrics at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. His research interests centered around econometric methods and their applications, especially nonparametric and robust methods in econometrics.[2]


Kloek received his PhD in 1966 from the Erasmus University Rotterdam for the thesis "Indexcijfers : enige methodologische aspecten" (Index : some methodological aspects) under supervision of Henri Theil.

Kloek was appointed Professor of Econometrics at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam in 1967. With Alexander Rinnooy Kan and later Harm Bart, he was co-director of the Econometric Institute from 1982 to 1992 as successor of Willem Somermeyer and was succeeded by Ton Vorst.[3] Since his retirement in 1997[4] Kloek has been affiliated with the Tinbergen Institute.

His doctoral students were A.L. Hempenius (1970), R. Harkema (1971), F.B. Lempers (1971),[5] M.H. Slagmolen (1980), Herman K. van Dijk (1984), P. Kooiman (1986), P.C.Schotman (1989)[6] Philip Hans Franses (1991), Marius Ooms (1993), W.E. Kuiper (1994), B. Roorda (1995), A. Lucas (1996) and R.G.J. den Hertog (1997). R. van Dijk (1997) [7]

Kloek was elected fellow of the Econometric Society and of the Journal of Econometrics, and honorary fellow of the Tinbergen Institute.


Books, a selection:[8]

Articles, a selection:

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  • Van Praag, Bernard, Jan de Leeuw, and Teun Kloek. "The population‐sample decomposition approach to multivariate estimation methods." Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis 2.3 (1986): 99-119.
  • Kloek, Teun, and Herman K. van Dijk. "Efficient estimation of income distribution parameters." Journal of Econometrics 8.1 (1978): 61-74.


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