Tex-Mex (album)

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Studio album by Freddy Fender
Released 1979
Recorded Sugar Hill Studios, Houston Texas
Genre Tejano
Label ABC
Producer Huey P. Meaux

Tex-Mex is an album by Freddy Fender. It was released in 1979.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "You're Turning Down The Flame of Love To Low"
  2. "Leaning"
  3. "If That's All That's Worrying You"
  4. "Just Because"
  5. "I Really Don't Want To Know"
  6. "Walking Piece of Heaven"
  7. "She Came To The Valley"
  8. "I'm A Fool To Care"
  9. "She's Gone"
  10. "Sweet Summer Day"
  11. "Forgive"
  12. "Cajun Stomp"