Texas Humanitarian Service Ribbon

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Texas Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Texas Humanitarian Service Ribbon.svg
Awarded by Texas
Type Military decoration
Eligibility Awarded to members of the Texas Military Forces
Awarded for Service
Status Currently awarded
Description The ribbon is red, white and blue striped
Next (higher) Texas Desert Shield-Desert Storm Campaign Medal
Next (lower) Texas Combat Service Ribbon

The Texas Humanitarian Service Ribbon is an award within the Texas Military Forces, within the United States Armed Forces.


The Texas Humanitarian Service Ribbon may be awarded to members of the Texas State Guard.


The Texas Humanitarian Service Ribbon shall be awarded to a person who: (A) does not meet the criteria for an award of the federal Humanitarian Service Medal; (B) is a member of the state military forces; and (C) while serving under state active duty orders, participates satisfactorily in the accomplishment of missions to protect life or property during or soon after a natural disaster or civil unrest.[1]

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