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The Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal (ALJ) is a student-run publication that produces legal scholarship discussing developments and issues in Texas administrative law.


Sponsored by the Administrative and Public Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, the ALJ is the only Journal that devotes itself exclusively to developments and analysis of Texas administrative law.[1] The ALJ consists of second and third year law students who edit, shelf-check, and publish professional papers regarding administrative law topics. Additionally, ALJ editors research and write their own scholarly comment for potential publication in the ALJ. These efforts enhance legal writing skills, opportunities to work with practicing attorneys, and career opportunities.

The ALJ publishes both professional and student articles in two annual books. Those books are distributed to thousands of practitioners, judges, and justices in Texas, and in many other states.[2] In addition, attorneys around the nation may access the ALJ via Westlaw, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline.


The ALJ first began publication at the Texas Tech University School of Law in 2000. Prior to finding its publication home at Tech Law, the ALJ was published independently by members of the Administrative and Public Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.


The ALJ, together with the Texas Tech Law Review, selects new members based upon their performance in a write-on competition that is open to first-year students. The competition begins immediately upon completion of the spring semester. The ALJ chooses twenty individuals to serve as staff editors based solely on the results from the write-on competition.


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