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Teymoor Nabili

Teymoor Nabili is a journalist, currently working for Channel News Asia, based at their headquarters in Singapore.

During a career spanning more than 20 years, Nabili has covered news in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas for the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera English, and CNBC.[1]

The major stories he has covered include the 9/11 attack from New York City; the Asian tsunami disaster from Sri Lanka; the Iran Presidential election of 2009 from Tehran; the 2008 Olympics from Beijing and the earthquake/tsunami of 2011 from Japan. He has interviewed numerous world leaders, politicians and newsmakers, among them the Prime Ministers of Malaysia, Spain, Thailand and Singapore; the current Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon and his predecessor Kofi Annan, and David Beckham.

While working at Al Jazeera, he was a senior news anchor and host of the current affairs shows Inside Story and Inside Iraq. He was voted 'Best Presenter/Anchor' at the 2005 Asia Television Awards and shared a UK Royal Television Society Award for coverage of the Olympic bribery scandal in Utah.[2]

Before moving to Doha in 2010, he spent four years as senior presenter at Al Jazeera's Kuala Lumpur broadcast centre, hosting live news programmes and the station's Asia-focused current affairs programme 101 East. He is also a business studies graduate from the University of Portsmouth.[3]

In January 2013 he joined Channel NewsAsia, where he is host and Executive Editor of "Between The Lines", a nightly current affairs discussion programme focusing on issues relevant to Asia. [4]


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