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Thaal being offered at Swaminarayan Temple in Chicago

Thaal is the offering of food to Swaminarayan Bhagwan in the sect of Swaminarayan Hinduism. This act consecrates the offerings making it prasad for consumption afterwards. The thaal is usually offered at mealtimes - breakfast, lunch and dinner - at Mandirs and in devotees homes. While the food is offered, the thaal is sung. The thaal was written by Bhumanand Swami. [1]


Jamo Thaal Jivan Jaau Vaari (Chorus), Dhovu Karcharn Karo Tyaari ... (Chorus)

Beso Melyaa bajothiyaa Dhaali, Katoraa Kanchanani Thaali ; Jale Bharyaa Chambu Chokhaali ... (Chorus)

Karl Kaathaa Ghauni Poli, Meli Ghrut Saakarmaa Boli ; Kaadhyo Ras Kerino Gholi ... (Chorus)

Galyaa Saataa Ghebar Fulavadi, Dudhapaak Maalapuvaa Kadhi ; Puri Pochi Thai Chhe Ghimaa Chadhi ... (Chorus)

Athaanaa Shaak Sundar Bhaaji, Laavi Chhu Tarat Kari Taaji ; Dahi Bhaat Saakar chhe Jhaajhi ... (Chorus)

Chalu Karo Laavi Hu Jalzaari, Elchi Laving Sopaari ; Paan Bidi Banaavi Saari ... (Chorus)

mukhavaas mangamta laei ne prasadi thal tani daei ne basoo sinhashan rajee thaee ne ... (Chorus)

Kassombal baandhi ne fatoo re Rajeshwar oodhi ne ratoo re Bhumananda na vahala bhatoo re ... (Chorus) [1]

Translation in English[edit]

Please accept this thal, O my life. Please wash Your hands and feet, thus get ready to accept this prasadam .. 1

Please sit on this seat which is made ready for You. All paraphernalia like bowls, golden plate are arranged. Chamboo (flat based pot/flask, round at bottom narrowing at top) is rinsed clean and filled with water .. 2

Chappaties are made from finest quality (hard) wheat. Milk is made by adding sugar candy in it and mango pulp is extracted from fresh mangoes. .. 3

Sweets like satha, gebhar, sweet milk, maalpoda are prepared. Along with is spicy preparations like phul wadi and kadhi (yougurt preparations). Puri’s are made soft by frying them in clarified butter (ghee) .. 4

Various leafy and other vegetable preparations along with pickles are freshly served. Yogurt and rice with ample sugar candy is also served .. 5

Please accept water from jug for purification (washing hands) and then accept this pan (betal leaf) made of cardimam, cloves, and betal nuts .. 6

After accepting these mouth freshners and distributing remnants to the devotees, please take Your sit on this throne very happily .. 7

With crimson turban and wrapped in golden cloth, O King of kings, beloved of Bhumananda, please embrace me .. 8 [2]

Vocal version of the Thaal, official version from the Swaminarayan Sampraday Website

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