Thaba Tshwane

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Thaba Tshwane
South Africa
SA Army College.JPG
SA Army College in Thaba Tshwane
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Built 1905 (1905)

Thaba Tshwane is a military base (or military area), in Pretoria, South Africa. Founded around 1905 by the British Army, and called Roberts Heights after Lord Roberts. It was renamed Voortrekkerhoogte ("Voortrekker Heights") in 1939 by the government of the Union of South Africa, following the beginning of the building of the nearby Voortrekker Monument, at a time of growing Afrikaner nationalism.

The oldest building in the complex is the South African Garrison Institute, what is now known as the Army College. Lord Kitchener laid the cornerstone on 12 June 1902.[1]

On the 19 May 1998, following the end of apartheid, it was renamed again, getting the name Thaba Tshwane.[2]

Thaba Tshwane should not be confused with the much larger City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, that was created in 2000, which includes Pretoria (including Thaba Tshwane).


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