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Thacker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Blaine Thacker (born 1941), Canadian politician from Alberta; member of parliament 1979–93
  • Brian Miles Thacker (born 1945), American army officer; recipient of the Medal of Honor for action during the Vietnam war
  • Cathy Gillen Thacker (contemporary), American author of romance novels
  • Charles P. Thacker (born 1943), American computer pioneer
  • D. D. Thacker (1884-1961), Indian coal miner and philanthropist.
  • Gail Thacker (contemporary), avant-garde photographer and theater manager
  • Henry Thacker (1870–1939), New Zealand physician and politician; member of Parliament 1914–22
  • Herbert Cyril Thacker (1870–1953), Canadian army general; Chief of the General Staff 1927–29
  • Julie Thacker (contemporary), American television writer
  • Lawrence Thacker, rugby league footballer of the 1930s and 1940s for England, and Hull
  • Paul D. Thacker (contemporary), American journalist in medical topics
  • Ralph Thacker (1880–after 1915), American college football coach
  • Robert E. Thacker (born 1918), American test pilot and model aircraft enthusiast
  • Tab Thacker (1962–2007), American collegiate wrestler and actor
  • Tom Thacker (singer) (born 1978), Canadian punk rock singer
  • Tom Thacker (born 1939), American professional basketball player
  • Tony Thacker (contemporary), American museum director and writer