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Thad Carhart (born 1950[1]) is an American writer. He is the author of the bestseller The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, a memoir of his experiences with pianos and his time spent in a Parisian piano atelier.[2] His latest book, Across the Endless River, is a historical novel about Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, the son of Sacagawea, and his intriguing sojourn as a young man in 1820s Europe.


Thad Carhart is the son of an Air Force officer who lived in numerous locations while growing up. He graduated with a degree in Anthropology from Yale University and also worked as an interpreter for the State Department. He pursued graduate studies at Stanford University.


At the time of this writing, Thad Carhart resides in Paris with his wife and two children.

Writing inspiration[edit]

Thad Carhart describes his writing interest as his view of mid-1820s Europe.[3]


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  • Carhart, Thad (2009). Across the Endless River. Anchor. ISBN 978-0767931731. Paperback.
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Pen names[edit]

  • T.E. Carhart
  • Thad Carhart
  • Thaddeus Carhart
  • Thaddeus E. Carhart


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