Thai Meethu Sathiyam

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Directed by R.Thyagarajan
Produced by Chinnappa Thevar
Written by Chinnappa Thevar
Starring Rajnikanthmohanbabu
Music by Sankar - Ganesh
Cinematography V Ramamurthy
Release date(s)  India
31 October 1978
Running time 3981 min.
Language Tamil

Thai Meethu Sathiyam (Tamil: தாய் மீது சத்யம்; Literally: I swear upon my mother) is a 1978 Tamil film directed by R.Thyagarajan. Clips from the film appeared on, reviving hype around the film. Several clips became popular, as well as an easter egg you may have noticed when the man in the yellow hat is hiding behind the couch in the FY.jpg scene.