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The phrase Thai drama refers to televised dramas, in a miniseries format, produced in the Thai language. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, especially in recent years.

Three Elements of Thai Drama[edit]

The three main elements of Thai drama are as follows:

  • Scenery - Gorgeous and exotic landscape with sunshine, beaches and topical forest.
  • Story - Romantic, warm and fantastic.
  • Actors and actress - Handsome heroes and heroines. Some of them may not be handsome enough at first sight, but as the story develops, they seem to be increasingly charming and attractive. The beauty of Thai Drama lies in its unique characters and its inviting plots.

Social Critiques[edit]

Thai Drama is the new continent of visual culture. Nowadays, Thai Drama is developing at a staggering pace with its bold ideas and creative themes. Thai Drama might take the place of the increasingly standardized Korean Drama and will unfold a cultural campaign.

A Brief History of Thai Drama industry[edit]

In the year of 1955, the Thailand's first TV channel, CH4 was established and thereafter emerged CH5, CH7 and CH3, all of which offer audience much more option of entertainment. CH7 belongs to the Thai government and has a widespread coverage of signal. That is, CH7 is to Thailand what CCTV is to China. Other channels don't belong to the government and their signal might be weaker in remote or rural areas.

Thai Lakorn[edit]

Lakorn is what the Thais call the Thai Drama. Generally speaking, Lakorn is on air at the prime time every night. Each episode is around 2 hours' long, including commercial advertisements. TV companies are entrusted by TV stations with the task of making Thai Dramas and the latter are entitled the TV-playing right.

Characteristics of the Thai Drama[edit]

The drama usually has a happy ending: the main characters finally find his or her soulmates and live together happily ever after. There is always female supporting roles in the drama, usually evil, does everything she can to prevent the hero from falling in love with the heroine. In the end of the drama, the wicked will get their results and the kind will gain what they deserve. This is the unchangeable theme in Thai Drama and is agreed by the whole nation who believe in Buddhism.

The negative effect of Thai Drama[edit]

As Thai drama is televised during the prime time and everything in the drama is too idealized, audience, especially youngsters, who indulge themselves in the story may lose contact with the reality. Even more seriously, human being's critical reasoning ability might be affected.

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