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Natural beauty of the village and a view of Pachara Manal
Natural beauty of the village and a view of Pachara Manal
Thaikattussery is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 9°46′30″N 76°20′10″E / 9.77500°N 76.33611°E / 9.77500; 76.33611Coordinates: 9°46′30″N 76°20′10″E / 9.77500°N 76.33611°E / 9.77500; 76.33611
Country  India
State Kerala
District Alappuzha
Population (2001)
 • Total 20,052
 • Density 1,250-1,500/km2 (−2,600/sq mi)
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 688528
Telephone code 91478253
Vehicle registration KL-32
Nearest city Cochin, Cherthala
Sex ratio 1000:1015 /
Literacy 91.5%
Lok Sabha constituency Alappuzha
Vidhan Sabha constituency Aroor

Thaikattussery is a village in the Cherthala taluk of the Alappuzha district in the Indian state of Kerala.[1]


As of 2001 India census, Thaikattussery had a population of 20052 with 9915 males and 10137 females. Thaikattussery is situated 35 km north of Alappuzha and 25 km south of Kochi in Pallippuram Islands. The major income source of this place is fishing. Thycattusherry is geographically surrounded by Vembanad lake and its tributaries.The major population of Thykkatussery belonging from low income group.

Thyckattussery is famous for 'Panchara Manal' [Silica sand], the major raw material used in glass and cement industry.

Educational institutions[edit]

The major educational Institutions in Thyackattusserry are SMSJHS Thyckattusserry, Govt.HS Thevarvattom, St.Theresas HS Manappuram, MDUPS Maniyathrikkal, St.Marys LPS Srambikkal, and Govt.UPS Thyckattussery.[1]


The main industry here is based on the products from the humble coconut tree. The coconut oil is used for cooking, as hair oil and in manufacture of soap. The coir extracted from the husk of the coconut tree is used for making rope, door mats, carpets and as protection against soil erosion.

Fishing and allied industries is another major source of livelihood. The place is endowed with a network of canals which are invariably connected with either the Arabian sea on the west or the Vembanad back waters on the east side. Of late prawn farming has caught up with the place. The prawn mainly go into the export market.

Poochakkal is a small town and economical capital of Thyckattusserry situated in Cherthala-Arookutty Bus route.


  • Thyckattusserry Srikurumba & Kothesivapuram Temple [One of the famous Temple in Alappuzha District]
  • Thaikkathrikkayil Temple
  • Nadubhagom Maniya Thrikkayil Temple
  • Subrahmanyapuram Temple Tyckattusserry
  • Nadubhagom Sivasubrahmanyapuram Temple [Ardhanareeswara Temple]
  • Nagari Sree Dharmasastha Temple
  • Gowrinatha Temple Makkekadavu
  • Elikkattu Sreedharmasastha Temple
  • Thycattuserry Bhagavathy "MOOLASTHANAM" at Eloor KALARY Thevarvattom
  • Ulavaipu Mahadeva Temple
  • Aduvayil Mahadeva Temple


  • Thevarvattom Masjid,


  • St.Antonys Church
  • St.Marys Church Srambikkal
  • Valliara Church
  • Little flower Church, Manappuram
  • St.Martin Deporous Church Ulavaipu

Famous personalities[edit]

  • K.C.Muhammad Kunju [Guinness Record holder, for his continuous leadership of 43 years as Grama Panchatat President]


  • The nearest Railway station is Thuravoor [2.5 km from village Headquarters]
  • Cherthala [Shertallai] 14 km away from village Headquarters.


Thaikkattusery lies between the Kottapuram-Kollam National Inland Waterway passing through the Vembanad lake. Prior to the coming of NH-47 the cargo and freight from Cochin market was transported in country boats through the Vembanad lake via the small lake diverting from Arukutty-Kudapuram-Ulavaipu[Kaithappuzha Lake]. Now these country boats are no more used for cargo transportation, instead converted into tourist floating house boats. We can reach Vaikom by the Tavankadav-Vaikom ferry service covering approx 3.5 km across the Vembanad lake and joining the Kottayam district at Vaikom jetty and also Jangar Servises to reach Thuravoor from Thaikkattusery and Nerekadavu[Vaikom] from Makkekadavu.

Local places in Thaikattussery[edit]

  • P.S.Kavala
  • Poochakkal
  • Maniyathikkal
  • Makkekadavu
  • Thevarvattom
  • Nagari
  • Cheerathukad
  • Santhikkavala, is the south border junction of Thycattuserry.
  • Paniyath
  • Thandappally
  • Ulavaipu [Ambedkar Gramam]
  • Polekkadavu
  • Manakkal Bhagom
  • Chudukattum Puram
  • Manappuram


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