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The Thailand national baseball team is the national baseball team for Thailand. They have competed in numerous international competitions, including the Southeast Asian Games, the Asian Games, and the Baseball World Cup. The team is organized by the Amateur Baseball Association of Thailand.

In 2007 the Thailand national baseball team won the Southeast Asian Games and they finished in third in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games. The Thailand national team is going to compete in the World Baseball Classic in the fall of 2012. Chinese Taipei, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Thailand will compete for the last remaining spot in the Asian Bracket of the World Baseball Classic against Japan, South Korea, and China. Thailand is also ranked number 5 in all of the Asian countries behind Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, and China. Thailand according to the IBAF rankings from 2011 is number 22 in the world.

Johnny Damon is currently the only player in Major League Baseball with a connection to Thailand.[citation needed] His mother is from Thailand.

International tournament results[edit]

World Baseball Classic[edit]

World Baseball Classic record Qualification record
Year Host(s) Round Position W L RS RA Host W L RS RA
2006 Did not enter No qualifiers held
2009 Did not enter No qualifiers held
2013 Did not qualify Chinese Taipei 0 2 4 20
Total 0/3 - - - - 1/1 0 2 4 20


They are currently ranked 26th in the IBAF baseball world rankings